Monday, May 28, 2012

WCW World War 3 1998

1) Wrath v. Glacier - 3
Very strange match here. Glacier was taking some really great bumps, had to be near top of his career but both these lugs were clueless. Wrath was getting cheered like crazy but kept playing big dumb heel, choking, using cables, holding tights etc. He couldn't read the crowd at all; heard much like his time on the TNT Mortal Kombat TV series. Finish was fine though

2) Stevie Ray v. Konnan - 2
Stevie's not necessarily known for dynamic offense and this certainly fell into that category. If you could capture the phrase "Mailing it In" down to a 6 minute video this would be it. Stevie did throw one good kick and the most surprising aspect was he could get his leg that high. The finish was as insulting as Matthew Perry is unfunny.

3) The Cat/ Sonny Onoo v. Kaz Hayashi/ Saturn - 3
Believe it or not, when Cat was in shape instead of carrying around that Twinkie gut, he had a lot of athleticism and charisma and carries this fairly well. Saturn and he have a couple sequences that were as fun to watch as drinking spoiled milk but Kaz really looked bright eyed and lost during this. Onoo was just a goof and very atypical gimmick finish.

4) Billy Kidman v. Juventud Guerrera - 8
I reviewed this match last Jan. as part of WWE's High Flyers set and my original thoughts stand true; if you want to give your eyes a late Valentine's Day gift, pop this in and feast.

5) Scott Steiner v. Rick Steiner - 1
Fist off Buff's hat would make Anthony Bourdain look foolish and he's about the coolest guy in the world. This wasn't a match at all really, Rick was jumped by the NWO in the back and thrown to Scotty, but Rick looked pretty stupid wearing a Halloween Havoc t shirt under his singlet. No finish.

6) Kevin Nash v. Scott Hall - N/A
Another advertised match that didn't happen; appears Hall was expelled from the NWO Black and White (what a shame) and Nash saved his ass from having to perform in a brawl while intoxicated.

okay so my 13 year old tape broke as Ciclope was entering the ring to no doubt go on to win the 60 man battle royal; but since it broke i guess i'll never know.

7) Chris Jericho v. Bobby Duncum jr

8) 3 Ring 60 Man Battle Royal

9) Bret Hart v. DDP


Anonymous said...

Amazing how WCW teased Rick vs. Scott for months, and this is all we got.

Anonymous said...

I have been around for a even though now, i consider myself a loyal reader. Just thought i would let you know!