Thursday, May 3, 2012

No Sleep 'Till Gauche

Johnny Grunge vs. Chris Jericho - WCW Monday Nitro 11/18/96 - 3

Two ECW alumni squaring off.  Grunge is great celebrating post-move with a little Cabbage Patch dance.  Johnny takes a nice bump to the floor from the apron off of a Jericho springboard dropkick.  Odd spot where JG sits Chris on a chair mid-ring and does a lousy running clothesline to him.  You don't get much TV time during this era but I like that Chris' attempting to display fatigue between spots.  Finish derailed like that train in Super 8 as Grunge tried to put CJ through a table with a chair-assisted flying elbow but Jericho escaped harm then did a flying kick off of the opposite turnbuckle that looked like a kid reenacting their favorite scene from 3 Ninjas Kick Back for the finish.

Johnny Grunge vs. Sting - WCW Saturday Night 6/1/96 - 4

Crowd seems pretty amped up and energized the complete opposite of the vibe you get looking at Grunge's plain gray gear.  He needs a neon "69" stitched on there or some faux confetti design flourishes.  Sting waving his arms in the air like he just didn't care brought the LOLZ.  There's an animated gif demanding to be made.  Wonder if Luger ever freebased with Rocco?  "Hey man, you Philly dudes are fucking nuts, want to snort a line, go to a titty bar, then get omelets?" asks Lex wryly.  Sting clowns both Public Enemy in the finish.

Owen Hart and Jeff Jarrett vs. Public Enemy - WWF Raw is War 3/15/99 - 1

Three of these guys are dead -- just addressing the elephant in the room that just shit all over my coffee table and shag carpet.  Seconds into this Rocco takes a wild bump off of the top crotching himself on the top rope.  This goes like two minutes and the finish is maligned as Jarrett smashes a guitar over Grunge's skull mere inches away from the ref who doesn't even bat an eyelash then Owen does an awkward splash onto Johnny for the pin.  Evocative of the era which was painful enough to experience once.

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