Saturday, March 17, 2012

WrestleMania Tournament: Round 1 - Block B

Our greatest match in WrestleMania tournament continues! Here's the second-half of the first round. Lots of great matches and moments.

Let's have some fun! Please join in on the discussion in the comments and make your case.

Round One - Block (B) "Big Time"
Polls close and new match-ups posting this Tue. 3/20.


Brian said...

Angle/Guerrero in a wash.. - that Hardcore match was possibly Edge's worst WM appearance versus two of the company's all-time best in their respective best WM match.. - sorry Foley but don't you have a couch that's missing you somewhere..

wow, this is the toughest match-up yet for me, two strong candidates both which I could see going deep in this bracket.. - Express match was great '80's tag formula done superbly but Rude was arguably Warrior's best in-ring opponent as he carried him into some of his career best.. - I could see a case for either but I'm going to go with the tag since Warriors going to get a vote from me later on in the Savage classic..

my colleagues are big on Flair/Taker but I haven't seen it since it aired and wasn't taken with it.. nor much of Flair's run circa then save for maybe the Rico match on Raw.. - Cena v. Batista was better in every metric at SummerSlam but this is still good enough to get past flabby Flair gigging himself for the 8000x time..

man, another toughie.. but I'd rank the WM Angle/Benoit fourth in their series. behind the '01 Raw Cage match, the Backlash Submisison match, slightly below the Unforgiven '02, but ahead of the Rumble '03.. - that being said Bulldogs are getting my vote on this one..

man, I love me some Valentine, but Owen Hart is one of my all-time favorites and this is the most significant match of his entire career and it was just such a surprise (for me at the time).. being a younger brother myself I really identified with his persona and him beating Bret was a "holy shit!" moment.. - i'm going with the battle of the bros..

its a toss-up.. two massively overrated matches cluttering up this bracket.. - i'd take either of the Valentine tags over either of these and don't think I'm alone there.. as well as the first MitB, Batista v. HHH, Jericho v. HHH, and probably TAKA v. Aguila - HBK bout had that great Taker facial when the Tombstone failed but that's about it.. - Hogan deserves some props I think for his performance in the Toronto match so I'm giving him my support here..

HBK vs. Jericho exceeded my expectations for it.. didn't care for almost all of Michaels' post-injury run save for the Last Man Standing vs. HHH at Rumble '04 (and that was the 4th best match of that show).. but Savage v. Warrior is probably my #1 pick right now.. - I didn't really have any memory of it from youth but revisiting it on the Savage DVD set it blew me away.. - the beginning of the modern era "kicking out of finishers" nail-biter false finishes style we all know and love (or tolerate).. - such a good match, easily Warrior's all-time best match.. and maybe cracking Savage's top 5 (depending on how you view the DDP feud)..

last match of the first round and it's a tough one.. - as far as trilogies go I'm more of a Punk/Joe guy than Austin/Rock.. and while this was the best of theirs together I'm a sucker for an underdog and Warlord/DBS is a great power v. power bout and arguably one of Davey's stronger televised WWF performances.. (although there's some great house show stuff of his worth seeking out) and I wouldn't begrudge someone ranking it above DBS/Hart from SummerSlam..

Jessie said...

Foley v. Edge was fun but won't top two of our greatest working treasures meeting on the biggest stage of them all......I actually picked the Express here, probably because i'm such a Windham mark but Rude v. Warrior had better than this too, so I think it's a fair trade off.....I actually really dug Batista v. Cena, but this battle of old school fighters who won't give it up still gets my juices flowing and I've always been a sucker for the Arn cameo in this......tag marks for me here, because this Angle match is a technical wonder, but this early classic title switch from one of my favorite Manias is great.....Owen v. Bret just kills this dead, in any universe.....I went with Shawn v. Taker from Mania 25, as I wasn't a fan of the Retirement one, but Warrior v. Hogan doesn't thrill me as it once did either, so this was an easy one for me.....This is the toughest bout as both are so outstanding, i'd pick both on diff. days but i cast my vote for the Retirement because Warrior never had a better match in his career........Warlord v. Bulldog is surprisingly great, and against a diff. match would go far, I think but this was the pinnacle of these two series, even with the shitty finish, the electricity and charisma these two put into this match sucks you in no matter who youare.