Tuesday, March 13, 2012

I Star of David Colt

A look at Colt Cabana's WWE career:

The Brian Kendrick vs. Scotty Goldman - WWE SmackDown! 8/15/08 - 5

Funny bit as they do one of those pre-match interviews with the split-screen like the old days and Colt goes meta realizing he's "trapped in a box" and pointing down to the other screen, like, wait, there's two of me! For having the best comedic mind in wrestling you think the PG-friendly WWE would have loved this act. Brian makes simple strikes like a leg lariat and dropkick look really hurty for such a small guy here. "Is he a modern day Loose Canon?" proposes Ross. Another character I wish would have gotten more mileage. Colt not only busts out some of his trademark great punches but a fucking King Parsons' Butt Butt! Really slick finishing sequence.

Colt Cabana vs. Matt Hardy - WWE Velocity - 3

Josh Matthews absolutely buries Colt on Cabana. Colt does some limb manipulation and I'm blown away by how loud this crowd was. Matt does a flurry of strikes culminating in a running bulldog out of the corner all of which Colt eats with zest. I liked Cabana wiggling his hips while being held pre-Twist of Fate as if he was trying to escape. Post-match, I shit you not, Animal of the Road Warriors murders Hardy.

Eugene vs. Colt Cabana - WWE Heat 11/11/05 - 4

Both guys' shtick is shtick so this was destined to be fun. Eugene apes some JYD stuff early including the headbutts>raising leg>mimicking pissing on opponent. Colt actually throws a few meaty rights. Colt's expression during during Eugene's "hulking up" segment was pastiche of all the great '80's monsters that faced Hogan i.e. Bundy, Studd, etc. Finish was different an atomic drop>Rock Bottom combo. Real fun squash.

Umaga vs. Scotty Goldman - WWE SmackDown! 2/20/09 - 2

This is very short but in that tiny duration Goldman looked great bumping big and selling well making all of Umaga's stuff look devastating and helping in his portrayal of a monster. I loved Colt's bump off of the swinging side slam -- he spun like a carousel.

Colt Cobana vs. Gunner Scott - WWE Velocity 6/10/06

Gunner would go on to be Brent Albright and stink up ROH for awhile. "Gunner Scott has definitely studied Chris Benoit" states Matthews. I hope he's burnt that textbook (or at least hocked it on Amazon). Colt delivers some nasty ground and pound to the stomach and really starts focusing on the abdomen which we don't see that often. After watching all of these its clear Colt could have been this generation's Barry Horrowitz i.e. guy getting beat in consistently entertaining squashes.

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