Thursday, March 15, 2012

Cinnamon Toast Punch #6

Four more random matches for your watching/reading pleasure.

The RockNES Monsters vs. The Super Smash Brothers (PWG Perils of Rock N Roll Decadence) – 5
A little bit of PWG goes a long way for me as all of their shows (except for the KRR shows) reek of familiarity as they eminate from the same venue. The Super Smash Brothers had to have spent the better part of the last year rescuing princesses and battling goombas because I sure haven’t seen them pop up in any of the mainstream indy companies (Chikara, DGUSA, etc.) until now. Player Dos must have dropped his mask in a fire swamp because he was here without one. RockNES Monsters look like two skinny hippies with their long hair and bandanas. This is one of those matches that mainly has a lot of surface material and not much underneath as it eventually broke down into a chaotic, rambling mess with no sense of who or who weren’t the legal participants. The double team manuevers were admittedly pretty cool and Player Uno took a couple wild bumps. Couple of the big spots didn’t come off completely smooth or the timing was off by a second or two. A fun enjoyable romp through the mushroom kingdom this was.

Ronda Rousey vs. Miesha Tate (Strikeforce 3/3/12) - 6
I don’t really follow MMA as much as I do wrestling so I may be a bit out of my league here but for months it seems like I’d heard about this fight and then after hearing about how good it was I decided to search it out. From the opening bell there were zero dull moments and Tate came out of the gate swinging. The first armbar Rousey sinched in was pretty nasty looking and could have probably popped out Tate’s arm. The trip was a good takedown and the way Rousey landed looked like she’d just taken a DDT from Jake Roberts. The second armbar just completely wrecked Tate’s arm and it was really painful to watch. I enjoyed this a lot and even if you’re not an MMA fan, I still recommend you check this out.

The Nightstalker vs. Death Row 3260 (UWF 6/19/92) – 1
I’m not sure why, but for some reason I keep getting drawn to the UWF and their constant cavalcade of shitty matches. Death Row 3260 is big black guy who has a similar build to Mr. Hughes but is doing a Nailz type character. Nightstalker is the future Adam Bomb/Wrath/whatever. John Tolos is on commentary and right before the match starts, makes a rather asinine statement comparing Nightstalker to Mickey Mantle. Typical big guy match here with Nightstaker seemingly lost at every turn. The DQ finish is quite awful as Nighstalker gets DQ’ed for just grabbing his plastic axe and not even using it. Then some random black guy runs in as Death Row exits the ring as the play-by-play guy remarks “that’s Perry.”, like we’re supposed to know who the fuck that is.

Shawn Michaels & Diesel vs. The 1-2-3 Kid & Razor Ramon (WWF Action Zone 10/30/94) - 7
No, that score is not a typo. I remember this match from an old Coliseum Video tape I had as a kid and I probably haven’t seen this particular match in at least five years, maybe more. This is about as good of a 20-minute tag match you’ll be able to find in either of the two major companies in 1994 and the fact that it took place on a long forgotten show makes it even that much more special. Kid was flying all over the place, Michaels was taking bumps like crazy, Razor and Diesel threw some really big bombs at each other. Kid took one wild bump were Diesel literally tossed him across the ring from corner to corner. Just as you were getting tired of seeing Razor playing the face in peril, he starts making a comeback. My one little issue with this was with Diesel after he took the superkick from Shawn. He just laid on the apron like a corpse in no relation to how he landed after he took the kick. Ending had some real tricky timing as Kid took a big boot from Diesel just as he was getting back in the ring from being knocked out. Had that not been timed perfectly, there could have been some issues there. Didn’t really see a single blown spot or anything here. I highly recommend seeking this out.

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