Wednesday, June 23, 2010

WWE NXT- 06/22/10

1) Alex Riley & The Miz v. Percy Watson & MVP- 3
2) Titus O'Neil v. Michael Mcguillicutty- 2
3) Eli Cottonwood v. Kaval- 3
4) Lucky Cannon v. Cody Rhodes- 2

I'm so burnt on MVP's offense run; it's the same schtick over and over again. That belly to belly toss- by now, it simply looks like all he's doing is trying a behind the head basketball shot. He even nearly botched his own facebuster and he's the Pro? Thought the Miz looked the best, one really nasty shot to the back of Percy's head got a chuckle from me.

O'Neil is still in development period, he was off on a couple markers especially one where he tried a press slam then dropped McGillicutty on the ground like he picked up the morning paper and found some dog stool on it. The neckbreaker Curt Jr. did was fucking A for awesome though; I totally bought that as a finish. Am I the only one that keeps expecting some kind of infidelity angle where Mr. Perfect used Beulah as a sperm disposal and now we have Mike?

Kaval's cross armbar across the ropes and the springboard Warriors Way were both more advanced moves than Cottonwood could even perform on the latest iteration of Raw v. Smackdown for PS3. Hated to see him have to sell a face first slam as a finish, but even aftersold that bitch while putting on Laycool's rad t shirt.

Cody didn't look that hot here either, Cannon kind of hit a few spots but nothing out of the ordinary from a day under FCW training camp lights. Why did Cody used the same springboard kick Kaval did earlier? Some awkward transitions here too, notably the finish.

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