Friday, June 18, 2010

Bye Bye Davey

So, a new article came out and ROH mainstay Davey Richards has announced he'll be retiring at the end of the calendar year. His intensity will be missed by some, his moronic fetishizing of Benoit and Dynaimte will be pleasantly forgotten by others. He's leaving the business in attempt to become a fireman. I was discussing this via a series of e-mails with some constituents and I wrote a couple jokey dialogues that they thought I should share with our readers. Enjoy:

I wonder if he'll be as over the top as a fireman as he was a worker...

Firemen #1: "Uh, Davey? There was no need to do a somersault out of that 2nd floor window? This was just a basic procedure."
Davey: spits on him
Firemen #2: "What an asshole!"

Fireman #1: "Wait, hold up--who's that guy over there watching us on the other side of that chain-link fence?"
Fireman #2: "Oh, oh fuck... is he touching himself? The one with the disheveled hair, pasty skin, and potbelly?"
Davey: "God damnit. Is that? Gabe. Gabe Spalosky, what the fuck are you doing here!? I told you to leave me alone!"

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