Friday, December 18, 2009

ROH on HDNet 12/07/09

1. Briscoe Bros. vs. Kevin Steen and El Generico – 5
2. Roderick Strong vs. Kenny Omega vs. Davey Richards vs. Austin Aries - 4

In a match determining the number one contenders these two teams, who have worked each other endlessly, managed to still create a captivating story. It was more fundamental, didn’t get overdone and wander off into overkill territory, focusing more on team dynamics and strategy. The Briscoe Bros. always look like they’re fighting for everything, and it really shows on their faces, in moments like toothless screams and anguished contorting. The match felt snug and was satisfying.

The main event utilized several familiar tropes, most notably the heel lying low, jumping in at the most opportune moment and seizing an undeserved victory. Some of Omega’s offense seems about as sincere as one of our ex-writer’s attempts at getting his girlfriend to stop crying during threesomes. Roderick had one humorlessly bad dive to the floor. The only section that really captivated me was a fiery strike exchange between Richards and Strong. It never felt like a high-end main event a la most of the ones on their DVD releases.

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