Saturday, April 4, 2009

'Mania Match of the Day #24

WrestleMania XXIV
John Cena vs. Triple H vs. Randy Orton - 6

It’s been a year since I’ve watched this match and I can say that I enjoyed it more now than I did a year ago. These three play really well off of each other. Cena was using the power game to his advantage which I’ll get into in a little bit. Orton starting the match off by clobbering both guys with the title belt was a very unique way to start. The crowd was pretty much split 50/50 for Triple H and Cena. Actually, let me rephrase that and say it was more along the lines of 55/45. JR mistakenly calls a modified backbreak a reverse atomic drop. Ok, now he’s just making shit up. As I mentioned, Cena’s power was his strong suit (no pun intended). A prime example of this is him deadlifting Orton off the mat and onto his shoulders. The flow of this match was also really good and every time you would think someone was going to tap, the other combatant would come in and break it up. I really enjoyed the crossbody that Orton did off the top onto Cena who was on HHH’s shoulders. Orton tried to get a double hangman DDT to work but HHH and Cena folded like wet noodles on the way down. Later in the bout, HHH busted out a modified verison of an Indian deathlock, which JR says he hasn’t seen in years. Me either, pal. Orton was noticeably absent for the closing moments of the match where Cena and HHH were just tearing each other up. When I saw this live, I thought the finish was rather abrupt but after re-watching it I can see why I thought that, mainly because Orton had been missing and then just suddenly re-appeared to kick in HHH’s skull after he had just given Cena a Pedigree. The match was good and the action was pretty much non-stop … better viewing on the second time around though if you’re not ready for the quick fin.

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