Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Abismo Negro vs. Black Abyss - (AAA 3/21/09) - 3

So, Abismo Negro is found, facedown in a muddy riverbank dead, and it felt appropriate to honor his legacy by reviewing one of his very final matches. Maybe a better idea in theory, as after watching this, I’m thinking asphyxiation sounds pretty fun comparably.

In the history of wrestling, there have been many great “clone” feuds, my personal favorite being the Patriot vs. Dark Patriot that played out in GWF, but lest we forget other such notables as Undertaker vs. “Underfaker”, and, well, Kane vs. “Fake Kane”. Black Abyss is essentially you’re “bizarro” Abismo, jockeying his look, move-set, but hopefully not his cocaine habit.

The match goes eight minutes, with the ref working heel, giving Abismo slow counts on pinfalls, but not much was noteworthy outside of that story cog, well, I did get a smirk after an Abismo tope when a kid in the front row tried to stuff his denim ballcap onto Negro’s head which already sports a comically large mask. Very surreal post-match, too, as after pinning Abismo with Negro’s own trademark finishing “Tombstone Piledriver” (one of the most feared moves in Mexico) move, Black Abyss then uses an aerosol can and lighter to literally roast Negro’s carcass into a charred slab of meat similar to the carnitas (pork) he’d use to stuff tacos with later.

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Jessie said...

yeah, surreal is a good way to describe that....i'm with you though on patriot-dark can never beat a good ink in the eye angle