Thursday, April 2, 2009

'Mania Match of the Day #22

WrestleMania 22
Mick Foley vs. Edge - Hardcore Rules Match - 5

I thought this match was incredible when I saw it live on pay-per-view but it’s not as great as I remember it. Foley was taking some violent shots to the head early on with some cookie sheets and a road sign. I forgot to mention that Joey Styles is doing guest commentary on this match, which always makes me happy. Edge spears Foley and blades his arm because Foley has barbed wire wrapped around him. Umm, ok. Foley gets a barbed wire bat from under the top half of the ring steps. Why was that there? Lita jumps on Foley’s back to prevent him from doing any damage to Edge but the Cactus clothesline takes place anyway and Lita takes a seriously rough bump. Nice tease of a table spot and Edge douses Foley in lighter fluid. It should be noted that later on in the bout, Edge pulls out a bag of tacks from the same spot Foley got the barbed wire bat from. Let’s try to look at this logically, if you were setting up the ring, and you noticed that there was a barbed wire bat and a bag of thumbtacks under the steps, wouldn’t you start to get a little curious? It makes no sense for them to be there. Under the ring with the other weapons? Yes. Under the steps? No. Anyway, later in the bout Foley whacks Edge in the mid-section with said barbed wire bat. Ok, time out. Let’s be honest, if you were hit in the gut with a barbed wire bat, wouldn’t you be cut and bleeding? Well, this isn’t the case for Edge as he takes these shots and doesn’t loose an ounce of blood from the mid-section. The finish sees Lita finish dousing a table in lighter fluid and lights it on fire for the big climax of the match as Edge spears Foley off the apron throught the table and pins him. Edge’s post-match selling was tremendous as he was literally shaking from the violence that had ensued. I enjoyed the hardcore chaos but the flaws in logic hurt the score for me.


Anonymous said...

your a fool for insulting the logic of this match. You seem to be referring to wrestling as if it is real. Any Hardcore Match will have many flaws in logic. WWE's sense of humor to have all of these 'toys' under the ring is something that should never been questioned by true wrestling fans.

Adam said...

Forgive me if I'm not laughing at WWE's so-called "sense of humor" ... I'm guessing you didn't see that Khali/Santina bullshit at Backlash.