Monday, January 26, 2009

NHO Hall of Fame: Class #5

Well fans, it's (almost) February, which means besides Adam spending another Valentine's Day cuddled up with Rick Martel footage and a tub of ice cream, its time for the staff here at Never Hand Over to make our bi-yearly inductions into our prestigious HOF! Before watching WWE Royal Rumble '09 and getting our grub on (pumpernickel bread--who knew?) we all divulged our picks amongst the group.

NHO Hall of Fame Class #5
Click the link for the official site including pictures!

Brian inducted:
1. Powers of Pain
2. Rey Mysterio, Jr.
3. Ray Stevens and Nick Bockwinkel

Jessie inducted:
1. Megumi Kudo
2. El Samurai
3. Hollywood Blondes

Adam inducted:
1. Shawn Michaels
2. Rob Van Dam

Didge inducted:
1. Dynamite Kid
2. Giant Baba

All in all, a super exciting and diverse class, full of deserving and compelling picks. As I mentioned above, click here, and you'll see the official HOF page with accompanying pictures, etc. Thanks, and we'll see you in August, for the sixth class!


Adam said...

Umm ... that pumpernickel was actually rye. My bad.

Jessie said...

i can't decide who looks sexier...Megumi or Ray Stevens