Friday, January 23, 2009

WCCW Cottonbowl Extravaganza- 10/27/84

1) Missing Link v. George Wengroff- 2
2) Kelly Kiniski/ El Diablo v. The Fantastics- 4
3) Iceman King Parsons v. Butch Reed- 3
4) Kevin Von Erich v. Chris Adams- 4
5) Chris Adams/ Gino Hernandez/ Jake Roberts v. Kerry Von Erich/ Mike Von Erich/ Bobby Fulton- 4
6) Gino Hernandez & Nickla v. Mike Von Erich & Stella Mae French w/ Precious- 0

I'm in a scathing mood writing this. World Class used to be possibly my favorite promotion growing up. It controlled my afternoons, everyday at 4 pm on ESPN; how could a young impressionable kid not love a group that gave him new action 5 times a week, as opposed to once every Sat. morning? So, I always love revisiting an old WCCW show now and then. This kind of show makes me want to have a gin & tonic, hold the gin & tonic, add gasoline.

Years back I looked up the name "Robertson" (my last name) to see if any famous wrestlers used it- unfortunately this walking dipshit bore my family name. The match consisted of him holding his head and dropping headbutts onto various parts of his jobber opponents body. What a lame gimmick. 2nd match held the amazingly awesome Fantastics (seriously overlooked team) against a makeshit duo of some pothead wearing a Lucha Mask and the son of Gene Kiniski, who bore a heavy resemblance to his daddy. Fantastics more than held up their end of the bargain, but Diablo never left training school, only using punches, armbars & tags. Kiniski looked like a complete lunkhead; botching even the most simple of spots. A bodyslam was a heavy task for him to complete as he stumble bumbled all over the ring on offense. In between the next matches, Iceman & some unknown ref were shown in the midst of enjoying a righteous carnival, with all kinds of games being played then a roller coaster scene right out of an 80's buddy comedy. Fantastics were also there in full tuxedos like they just gay married each other. Ridiculous footage.

Parsons and Reed had a less than stellar bout, only consisting of throwing haymakers and talking jive. Reed's stiffest shot was saying "I'll knock all the ice cream out ya drawers, boy!" The pace of this was slower than two septagenarians having intercourse with broken hips. Following match was a grudge due to Adam's betrayal of the Von Erich family (which in it's day was HUGE) Best match of the show by far, some cool technical on the ground, both guys trying to show up the other, then Adams goes on a flurry, including what is perhaps the most violent superkick ever recorded as Kevin is on his knees near the ropes and takes a head shot that blasts him outside like he was shot by a cannon. Cool rollup gets the win- this would have garned a lot more points if Kevin had actually sold during his defense stint- he just acted as if he wasn't hurt when you could tell he was. It was really unprofessional and even on the first day of wrestling school, you should know when to show pain.

The six man was a convoluted mess, with Kevin being replaced by Fulton, who's fine but didn't add anything to this. Mike was awful in the ring; he looked like he should be putting together some model '67 Corvettes in his bedroom, not wrestling. The heels were all fine at their jobs, putting over the faces with realistic selling. Kerry was sloppy, and never really tagged out. Possibly high off Mike's model glue or something. Then the main- it was a bigger mess than the one in Fritz' Depends that night. First off, both the "women" (I use that term loosely, as loosely as Candice Michelle's envelope like pussy) were both hideous, Nickla looked like something Sex Pistols' front man and known heroin hog Sid Vicious wouldn't even fuck, and French looked like a coked out grandmother, complete with pink sweater and Cindy Lauper permed hair. They couldn't work a match if their retirements depended on it. Then, Mike, who previously stated had no business in a wrestling ring. He had the mannerisms of a 14 year old boy, then Gino who was more worried about his debt to the mob than working a wristlock. Then, the grand entrance of Precious down on the 20 yard line, coming down in a helicopter then using a chair to finish the match after only about 2 1/2 mins of work. This was a sad, sad show and I think I'll leave World Class better in my memory than I found it here.

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