Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Never Get Laid #2: Random Goldberg WCW Matches

1) Goldberg vs. Hollywood Hogan (WCW Nitro - 7/6/98) - 5
2) Goldberg vs. Booker T (WCW Nitro - 7/24/00) - 1
3) Goldberg vs. Diamond Dallas Page (WCW Halloween Havoc 1998) - 6
4) Goldberg vs. Raven - Raven's Rules Match (WCW Nitro - 4/20/98) - 4

First up is the memorable Goldberg/Hogan match from Nitro. This could be compared to Rock/Hogan or Hogan/Andre in the terms of workrate but for entertainment value, it was great. Hogan was at his heelish best during this period and Goldberg was potentially at his peak. The crowd was raucous and was cheering Goldberg's every move. There was some brawling outside and some super weak chair shots from Hogan. Curt Hennig runs down to try to interrupt the festivities and is stopped by DDP and Karl Malone. The shoddy camera work misses a Hogan legdrop that Goldberg kicks out of. Goldberg his the spear and then the jackhammer slam to win the WCW Title. Skipping ahead two years, WCW is a different place and we're presented a very brief match with Goldberg and Booker. The match starts with them slugging it out in the aisleway and then in the ring. After that, we get a Jeff Jarrett run-in with a chair and then The Cat comes out, dressed in a referee shirt for no reason, and trash talks Jarrett who eats a Goldberg spear in a royal clusterfuck.

The match with DDP was a very good, albeit quick match. The match had that "big fight" feel to it and DDP showed that he belonged in the main event scene. I enjoyed the finish of it as it was clean and it gave Goldberg a solid victory over big name in a world title match. Goldberg did a good job of selling the shoulder he rammed into the ringpost on a spear attempt. DDP had a nice reversal into a Diamond Cutter and the end but ultimately, Goldberg came out the victor. Finally, the Raven match was fun as it was fought under no disqualification rules (which means there aren't any) and turned out quite good. The crowd was eating up everything Goldberg did and Raven was bumping his ass off. The finish with planted fans throwing Raven back into the ring area was very creative and afterwards Goldberg hits a Jackhammer on a stop sign to win the US Title.


Brian said...

what happened to the WWE matches?

Adam said...

I'm saving them for the next NGL article.

Jessie said...

i forgot the time when raven could "bump his ass off".....been a while....i too was looking forward to an in depth analysis of goldberg's wwe title win.....think it deserves a detailed look....i'm sure trips would agree since he had to put ole' whiskerbiscuit over....