Sunday, December 28, 2008

AWA on ESPN Classic - 12/27/08

Original Air Date - 3/11/86

1) Boris Zhukov & Nord the Barbarian vs. Curt Hennig & Marty Jannetty - 3
2) Leon "Baby Bull" White vs. Larry Zbyszko (Special ref: Scott LeDoux) - 4
3) Stan Hansen vs. David Sammartino - 4

The opening tag match didn't really have much behind it. It seemed everyone was just kind of going through the motions. The finish got really convoluted with Scott Hall getting involved and Jannetty and Hennig winning via an over-the-top-rope DQ which I almost missed. Zbyszko and White was fun. White was still fairly green and Zbyszko helped him through the match. The finish was a nice stiff brawl on the floor and White winning by count-out. Finally, the story in the main event was that David was seeking revenge on Hansen for beating his dad ten years before. David didn't really have the stamina or the drive that his father had and Hansen pretty much ate him alive in an elongated squash match that only helped enhance Hansen's image as a bad-ass champion.


Brian said...

i think you should check out my UWF review to get an idea of how to maybe tackle this.. - i got five fleshed out paragraphs and in comparison, your one paragraph synopsis doesn't give the reader enough of an understanding.. it lacks detail..

jess and i were just talking about the beauty of NHO is we treat a random forgotten TV opener with the same sharp eye and rich, analytical detail as a Japanese epic.. - keep that in mind..

Adam said...

Wow. I didn't realize this was that short! I've got another one I'm working on, hopefully that will be better than this one. Yeah, this wasn't the best article but with time the AWA stuff from me should get better.