Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Video: Kensuke Office Take the Dream Vol. #5

NHO members Brian and Didge celebrated Thanksgiving night by having a couple cold beers and watching “Take the Dream Vol. #5” from Japanese co. Kensuke Office. Watch as they discuss the Catfish Men, Taka’s new chub, the asshole known as Minoru Suzuki, the amazing Nakajima vs. KENTA match, Marufuji being your new favorite wrestler, Kensuke is the Michael Scott of this Office, and so much more! Unfortunately, our camera’s battery died during the second-half of the video, so you’ll be missing out on our conclusion (namely more praise on Sasaki vs. Marufuji) and our breaking out the hot, spicy beef sticks in honor of a successful ’08 for the NHO project and the hard work of the wrestlers of Kensuke Office!

Part 1

Part 2

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Anonymous said...

Awesome review. Really dug this show. The 2 main events were awesome. If you haven't seen KENTA vs. Kensuke you should check it out. Its a nice contrast to the Marufuji match. Glad you guys like the show aswell.