Wednesday, April 23, 2008

King of the Ring 2008 tournament

This once-prestigious event was held on a 3 hour edition of Raw so we aren't going to have anything spectacular on this show, but thought it would be a fun, quick review.

1st Round

1 Chris Jericho v. MVP- 3
2 CM Punk v. Matt Hardy- 4
3 Great Khali v. Finlay- 0
4 William Regal v. Hornswaggle- 1

Well, some of this looked good. Jericho and MVP had a K to the ICK Ass Match a few weeks ago on Smackdown that was thought out, stiff and had some great nearfalls. This was none of those things. First off, Jericho was in slow motion like he was in an 80's MTV Videodrome music vid. MVP brought out his big boot and Jericho reversed the Playmaker in a good spot, but i expected so much more. Punk and Hardy played great off of each other, which in essence this match was just counter after counter until Punk hit his fin. Very fun for what it was. Khali looks more and more like one of those Trees from Lord of the Rings and this just stunk. They scrambled for a few seconds on the mat but nothing even connected. DQ finish and i've got a diahrrea dump. Regal stretching a dirty midget was a nice visual between eating my deep friend hushpuppies for supper.

2nd Round

5 Chris Jericho v. CM Punk- 4
6 Finlay v. William Regal- 4

Jericho and Punk, again, had a very good match that the crowd ate up the night after Mania. This was, again, a slower pace that never really took off. Both men wrestled with a sense of urgency trying to get the pin, which made perfect sense in a tournament but Jericho countering Punk's block of his Lionsault was a good idea in theory, but much like Mike Huckabee's bid for Republican Nominee, it didn't pan out. Jericho took a nasty GTS on the button for a believable fin. Finlay was playing the wounded dog here, so Regal got extremely nasty with his strikes. Both men were just taking liberty after liberty with each other until Regal tied him up in the Stretch. Pretty short but grosser, like Britney's first marriage.


7 CM Punk v. William Regal- 5

Oh, i wish this was longer------ Just oodles of violence poured into this quick 6 or 7minute slugfest. Regal is one of the few guys who can make an abdominal stretch look FOR REAL. These two were slugging it out, stiff style during most of this encounter. Punk's kick sequence was louder than Kane's pop when he came out in the main event. Regal was enjoying eating all of Punk's hurty offense; you could see it on the bloke's face. Wonderful Stretch finish because Regal didn't just sit on it, he pulled that mother fucker out of the ground. Possible Regal push? Count me in.

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Adam said...

It may have been the Punk/Hardy match I was thinking of in my prior review of the sloppy GTS.