Wednesday, January 2, 2008

WWE Smackdown! 01/06/06

1 JBL v. Matt Hardy (Falls Count Anywhere)- 3
2 Mark Henry v. Rob Eckos/ John Kloscki/ Gus Hachenser- 2
3 Kid Kash v. Juventud Guerrera- 5
4 Chris Benoit v. Randy Orton- 4
5 MNM v. Rey Mysterio/ Batista( Steel Cage)- 4

The opener started out the wrong way, with a JBL promo and Jillian with that microwave pizza on her face, then Hardy Version 1 showed up and they got stiff in the aisleway. This led to one of the single worst table spots in history where Hardy did a double leg pick up and broke the table with JBL's back. Just Why? Then, they used ladders, chairs,stairs, and a limosuine hood all in a matter of 7 minutes. This match really shows that WWE does a lot of garbage just for the sake of doing garbage. Henry looked pretty damn menacing and his array of 3 part time Wendy's window workers put on a good show of taking nasty spills for the massive brute. It was effective enough to make me believe he could be a contender then i remembered he was Mark Henry. Kash is oh so blase as always but Juvi pulled off a crazy front flip hilo to the outside and probably shattered his little tailbone. They had some really bad miscommunications off the bat, but this match had some time to it and they corrected their mistakes. Juvi was selling his knee perfectly; i especially liked him checking it right before he tried a 450 which led to his downfall.
Benoit v. Orton....sign me up; i'll watch it any day of the week, except Friday nights. They had some really neat reversals of each other's moves and Orton's styled hair had me doing a double take but this fell flat in the heat dept. Booker T was at ringside providing some excellent play by play and i was wishing he would do more, except now he's in Russo's TNa, the bottomless pit of creativity. I think this match, just straight up, has tons of potential and you could see flashes of Orton's selling brilliance after the swan dive, but some interference from Orlando Jordan (who looked like an extra from Suessical) caused this to lose a point. The cage match seemed really unnecessary like there was no heat between these teams, that said, there were some highlights, that being Rey. He broke his back and bumped well for the heels and put together some good spots with them, including his crazy crossbody from the top of the cage. Dave seemed missing at one point for several minutes and i couldn't remember what had happened to him. For cage matches, this one didn't have a lot of action and Mark Henry came in and sucked the enjoyment out of 20,000 people all at once.

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