Wednesday, January 2, 2008

The Retro Raw Recap: WWF Raw - 1/17/94

Taped in Richmond, VA. This week Crush joins Vince McMahon at ringside to provide his expert analysis on the proceedings.

1) Owen Hart vs. Terry Austin - 2
Austin looked like an overgrown troll. He couldn't even sell a damned monkey flip right. Owen's trademark dropkicks were picture perfect as he tried to carry his slob of an opponent to a decent bout. After the bout, Owen and Bret are interviewed by Vinnie Mac and they say they want the Quebecers, titles or no titles.

2) Tatanka vs. George South - 3
I'm not exactly sure where but I know I've heard that George South name before. This was fairly competitive for a squash as South put up some decent offense against Tatanka. Nothing really stood out for me but it gets a better grade just because South wasn't completely worthless, like the previous jobber.

3) Diesel vs. Scott Powers - 3
Diesel obliterates Powers in mere minutes with raw power. The match was nothing and Diesel no-sold everything Powers gave him. Bonus points though for Diesel abusing a jobber. Stan Lane calls in from MSG during the match to inform everyone that the Quebecers regained the tag titles from Jannetty & The Kid.

4) Randy "Macho Man" Savage vs. Irwin R. Schyster - 4
Now I know why Crush is at ringside today. It's due to his ongoing feud with Savage. These two seemed to work really well together. This was set up last week when Savage threw cake in Irwin's face. That would get me pretty steamed as well, unless it was chocolate cake, in which case, i wouldn't care. The finish saw numerous people run-in and the whole thing break down into a giant brawl. A good match but it would've gotten a higher score had there been a clear winner.

Next week, it's the fallout from the Royal Rumble! Who won, who lost? We'll find out next week on Raw!

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Jessie said...

George South was in WCW for a number of years as a jobber, so he's got years under his massively expanding belt