Wednesday, January 2, 2008

TNA Impact- 01/07/06

1 Team 3-D v. Buck Quartermain/ Lex Lovett- 1
2 LAX v. The Naturals- 0
3 Bobby Rood v. The Truth- 1
4 Alex Shelly/ Austin Aries/ Roderick Strong v. Chris Sabin/ Christopher Daniels/ AJ Styles- 5

What a way to ring in the New Year, '06 style! Man, i'm glad it's '08 in that case because the first thing i want to do after the New Year begins (besides eat some cheeseball and get my tax papers in order) is watch Bubba Dudley hang out of a droopy t-shirt and expose his bread dough colored chest. Yum! This was a complete squash and the only thing i enjoyed was when Lovett got a little stiff on Bubba's back with some forearms. The next tag never got started as Konnan ran in with a black sock full of.....i don't know but apparently it hurt. Truth and Rood did the gimmick where Truth pins Rood really quickly in 2 diff. matches, then they do a 3rd and Rood gets his heat back. This was garbage and I would have rather dug moldy ham out of the garbage and had a feast then sit through this schlock again. The final 6 man was faster than Wally West on mescaline. All 6 guys geled extremely well and it was a nice treat to see an Impact match that excited me. There was an awesome double suicide dive outside and the heel team executed some nice tags and did a sequence of moves to Styles that shot a sharp pain up my back. Besides this main event, you can cross seeing this show off your Resolution list, just like you will with smoking, eating carbs and ending your infidelity with that 19 year old Cuban waitress at your local sleaze bar.

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