Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The Contents of Tully’s Pockets #1

Welcome to The Contents of Tully’s Pockets, a new, ongoing series done by yours truly focusing on the career of legendary grappler Tully Blanchard. New entries into this exciting retrospective series will be released sporadically, so don’t hold your breath, but please do hold your overexcited bowels.

Tully Blanchard vs. Mike Nichols – Georgia Wrestling ’85 – 3

We’re in a dimly lit studio and Blanchard’s accompanied by his “perfect ten” Babydoll. Tully starts it off with some fantastic amateur-based stuff; it looks realistic because it is, as he clinics Nichols on the mat. Back to their feet, Tully delivers a few hard forearms; Nichols sells them like absolute death as he falls backwards like a tree toppling in a forest. A devastating knee to the gut makes Mike roll backwards, rolling on his head, and shortly after Blanchard finishes him off with the slingshot suplex, his signature move, done to near perfection. The match lasts under two minutes, but is sheer beauty as it makes Blanchard look like a brash badass who can back up his boasts.

Well, that’ll do it for this edition of The Contents of Tully’s Pockets; we’ll see you again next time for more analysis of one of wrestling’s premier icons.

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Jessie said...

Great way to start off this new article....i love the realistic line...so true...but, seriously, what's in tully's pockets? a bible or a crack pipe?