Saturday, November 4, 2006

WWE Taboo Tuesday 2004

This is an interesting concept because by letting fans vote for stips on all the matches, you get them involved even in the ones they could care less about. Until the stip is named, and then they grimace. Coach emceed the show, which is to say a charisma stripped announcer has been did. (no, not you King Lawler, you were at the announce booth.)

1 Chris Jericho v. Shelton Benjamin- 4
the gimmick was Jericho didn't know who the fans were choosing between about 16 guys in the back. Jericho had a look on his face that said "okay, i could have a passable match with about three of those guys." Anyways, that's what he had with Shelton. Jericho wasn't really selling anything but the big spots, which they were only really two: a crazy superplex and a back drop to the floor. Jericho played up the upset win by trying to kick his legs out of the pin. Good psych, but this ain't for college credits. the fans were really into this too.

2 Divas Battle Royal( School girl outfits)- 0
there was no wrestling at all in this, and Stacy was the most over. She was the center of attention, just like back in the Baltimore Ravens locker room, when they had that pin the dick in Stacy's ass game.( the donkey was taking bets.) or when she was at the Flair family Christmas and she was the only girl there that David and Ric had both slept with( except the maid)

3 Kane v. Snitsky( Chain Match)- 2
slow- plodding- void of enthusiasm- lackluster-Kane-Calvin Klein- Obsession

4 Eric Bischoff v. Eugene(Loser gets Shaved)- 0
This was when Eugene was over and Chris Benoit got outvoted by a second tier heel(Edge) Vince came out to get over on Bischoff, which he does every chance he gets, done to no one's entertainment.

5 La Resistance v. Chris Benoit/ Edge- 4
Benoit showed a lot of intensity( Duh!), La Resistance showed a lot of greenness( Duh!) and Edge showed his ability to make me really not care if he lives( Triple Duh!) There was some good stuff, when Benoit was in, but Edge showed me he couldn't pull the two French Canadians through a decent match.

6 Christy v. Carmella( Lingerie Pillow Fight)-0
The match started out with Christy pulling out Carmella's fake boobs. Reading this you would think it's a good thing, but watching it was something too altogether horrifying. in fact, I'd rather not speak of this again.

7 HHH v. HBK- 4
A match that had potential. I'm a huge fan of Michaels, not as much as I used to be, but still a fan of his work. I think he severely overplayed his knee( even though i heard it was legit.) the match was pretty short on time and action, and even though the fans came alive at the end of this, I wasn't hooked in. I've seen much better from them.

8 Randy Orton v. Ric Flair( Steel Cage)-6
I'm becoming an Orton fan. I like his work, and he proved that he wants to play with the big boys in this one. He and Flair busted each other open badly( badly meaning really good) and just fought. Flair got his occasional main event, and tried to make something out of it. I enjoyed what i saw.

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