Thursday, December 29, 2005

Performer Analysis Info

This is a new article I'm going to try and undertaker( sorry, I won't be reviewing him!) where I look at a wrestler's career and grade them from 1-10( ten being the highest, we all know how this works) in ten different categories. I'm going to list them here and the things I will look for in each.

1) Innovation- Did this worker break ground, try new things, go places no one before him did, or did he rely on the same old tools?

2) Conditioning- Shape of a worker, stamina, physique, effects of working out, or steroid/ drug use

3) Ring skill- overall ability, work rate, selling, putting a match together

4) Character/ Psychology- the mental aspect of wrestling, did they understand who they were, how to tell a story in ring

5) Interviews- mic skills, comfortable in front of a camera, did they have anything entertaining or prevalent to say? Could they talk?

6) Face/ Heel- Did this worker perform as both? Effectively?

7) Basics- Did this worker have the basic tools of wrestling? Could they strike well, or believable? Could they transition between spot to spot?

8) Fan Believablility- Could they get the fans behind them(face) or boo them( heel)? Did they elicit any reaction? Did the fans care about this worker one way or the other?

9) Match/ Opponent Diversity- Did this worker have a range of classic feuds and opponents/ did those feuds work well? Did those matches work well?

10) Gutcheck- Did this worker show heart? Did they have the passion? Wrestle when injured? Go the extra 110% or slop through matches? Did they care on a night to night basis?

The total of all these scores, if given a perfect, would equal 100. the point scale I'm using is as follows:

Icon- 91-100
Legend- 75- 90
Superstar- 60-74
Midcard- 40-59
Jobber- 0-39

Also, there will be another stat to the analysis, which is The PO( personal opinion.) This has little to no effect on my scores, just my personal preference on a certain performer or not. There's three levels. Thumbs UP: I enjoy the guy's work and love watching him/ her. Thumbs Middle: I don't hate him, but I don't mark out every time I see him. Most people would fall in this category. Thumbs Down: I really don't like watching him, for whatever reason and am not an overall fan of his work.

****Please keep in mind that I respect each and every guy that goes out to the ring and performs, regardless of whether I like him or not.


Brian said...

little did we know you'd be still doing performer analysis' 3 years later.. - i still love reading 'em.. - can i recommend some early 90's WCW guys as potential candidates? like firebreaker chip, for example..

Jessie said...

yeah, it's something i enjoy doing...i will take that under advisement...i think that's the first suggested analysis i've ever had.. guess i owe it to myself to do him, well, not literally, i'll leave that to whatever hooker is the cheapest on his block