Monday, December 26, 2005

WWE No Way Out 2005

1 Bob Holly/ Charlie Haas v. Rene Dupree/ Kenzo Suzuki- 4
2 Rey Mysterio/ Eddie Guerrero v. Basham Brothers- 5
3 Heidenreich v. Booker T- 2
4 Paul London v. Chavo Guerrero v. Shannon Moore v. Spike Dudley v. Akio v. Funaki- Gauntlet Match- 4
5 Luther Reigns v. Undertaker- 2
6 John Cena v. Kurt Angle- 6
7 Big Show v. JBL( Barbed Wire Cage Match)- 3

No Way Out, historically, is known for it's lack of storyline( due to being before Wrestlemania) and for me missing it every single year. Luckily, Brian retrieved it from the local library and from there, we engulfed ourselves in mediocrity. I shouldn't be so harsh. There were two hard fought tag matches( on a WWE PPV?) and a really good Angle-Cena match, one that was better than anything from their latest feud. On the other hand, we had a cruiserweight gauntlet that didn't set high expectations, and still didn't reach them. Then we had two single matches that proved you can feel pain after you've went numb, and then the single worst main event of last year for sure, if not longer: JBL v. Show. The crowd was so dead quiet for this and Show did a huge blade job. How stupid must he have felt. The crowd popped for the ring breaking, which was kind of cool, but other than that, this match got over as much as a John Wayne Bobbit segment on RAW.

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