Thursday, December 15, 2005

WWE Smackdown! – 10/28/05

1. Christian vs. J.B.L. vs. Rey Mysterio vs. Matt Hardy vs. Hardcore Holly - 5
2. Short Sleeve Sampson vs. Pitbull Paterson - 3
3. L.O.D. vs. Mexicools vs. M.N.M. vs. Burchill/Regal - 4
4. Mr. Kennedy, Bob Orton, and Randy Orton vs. Batista, Eddy Guerrero, and Roddy Piper – 5

The woes of being a Smackdown! viewer have never been more prevalent. Pointless five-way opener, a midget match, pointless four-way tag team match, topped by (yet again) pointless six-man tag team match. It’s like the writers aren’t even trying anymore, and the wrestling itself isn’t helping matters much.

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