Monday, November 28, 2005

WWE Smackdown! – 10/14/05

1. Chris Benoit vs. Orlando Jordan - 4
2. Mexicools and L.O.D. vs. Burchill/Regal and M.N.M. - 5
3. Booker T vs. Christian vs. Rey Mysterio vs. J.B.L. - 6
4. Bobby Lashley vs. Nunzio - 5
5. Randy Orton vs. Eddy Guerrero - 6

I watched this episode several weeks ago and I’m just getting around to writing about it—so, forgive me, I don’t remember it too fondly. Benoit and Jordan finally have a match longer than a minute in length, which is an improvement, but strange, considering their last 10 encounters had ended within 30 seconds. The tag fiasco had some talented people involved, but was your typical TV mess. The four-way dance was my favorite segment of the night, although it too was entirely forgettable. I liked Lashley versus Nunzio more than I should have; it had the right ingredients of stiffness and brevity. Although I was awfully drowsy while watching a tape of this show at 2:00AM, I remember, through my tired eyes, catching glimpses of the main event, and thinking, “this isn’t hideous”.

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Jessie said...

i love your inner monologue..."this isn't hideous"...actually, that match sounds like it could be pretty kick ass