Tuesday, November 1, 2005

WWE No Mercy – 10/16/05

1. L.O.D. and Christy Hemme vs. M.N.M. - 4
2. Bobby Lashley vs. Simon Dean - 3
3. Christian vs. Chris Benoit vs. Booker T vs. Orlando Jordan - 7
4. Mr. Kennedy vs. Hardcore Holly - 3
5. J.B.L. vs. Rey Mysterio - 6
6. The Undertaker vs. “Cowboy” Bob Orton and Randy Orton – Handicap Casket Match - 5
7. Nunzio vs. Juventud - 7
1. Batista vs. Eddy Guerrero – 6

My buddy Quiller ordered this pay-per-view a couple weeks back, and we went over the other night and he re-watched it with us. As a whole, this was an unremarkable event. The four-way dance is the highlight of the whole thing, these guys worked pretty well with each other, and Benoit went over. Kennedy and Holly had several miscommunications, and had the ugliest match of the night. Layfield and Mysterio worked surprisingly well together. The casket match had some moments, but there was also a lot of silly slop, too. I was pleasantly surprised and completely enamored by Nunzio and Juventud’s match. Juvie’s looking better than he has in years. The main event wasn’t bad, but the writing of this feud is real flat, and the finish (Batista goes over with a… spinebuster?) was uninspired.

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