Wednesday, November 23, 2005

WWE Heat – 09/30/2005

1. Tajiri vs. Tyson Tomko - 5
2. Matt Hardy vs. Russell Simpson - 5
3. Johnny Parisi vs. Matt Striker - 3
4. The Heart Throbs vs. Rosey/Hurricane - 4

Tajiri and Tomko work surprisingly well together in a short, if not altogether enjoyable match—pitting Tajiri as the underdog, and Tomko playing the role of the bully. Matt Hardy looks exactly how Matt Hardy has always looked, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing; and Russell Simpson, well, let’s just say he’s becoming one of my favorite jobbers—he’s a competent worker, whose style can adjust to suit just about anybody he’s in there with. Give this guy a job, Vince… you toupee wearing tool! Striker and Parisi are all Jim Powers wrestling on W.C.W. Main Event circa 1996 and I’m vomiting a little bit in my mouth. The main event was fun while it lasted, but tag team matches need time to tell a story, and five minutes just doesn’t cut it. For the record, this was the first Internet edition of Heat, after W.W.E. lost their TV deal. They have archives of every online episode, so do yourself a favor, scratch what you were going to do next, and go watch the Tajiri and Simpson matches.

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Jessie said...

Russell Simpson again!...i need to get a comp of his...Adam, help us out...Watching Striker and throwing up in your mouth a little..either you're a very good judge of talent or we just got back from the Chinese Buffett