Sunday, July 20, 2014

Ultimate Warrior vs. Horowitz

Ultimate Warrior vs. Barry Horowitz - WWF Challenge 11/7/87

Recently watched all seven hours of Ultimate Warrior: The Ultimate Collection in one sitting that resembled an agonizing extended 4-Methylphenylisobutylamine trip. Barry is like a local stage co. version of Edmond O'Brien all aplomb confusion at running into the brick wall that is Warrior's toned physique. Like Horowitz's affectations selling a clothesline by shaking his leg like a dog. It was clear Warrior was going to be something special. Wish they would have included all three of his horrendous performances in WCW. He looked like a balloon stuffed full of hard dog turds during that run. Oh well. RIP.


Anonymous said...

awww man, just watched it. It's like gaspar noe laid out this match.

P:S - Big fan of the blog since forever.

Brian said...

Yeah watching hours of Warrior matches/interviews isn't too dissimilar from watching Gaspar's Enter the Void on PCP and horse tranquilizers.