Sunday, December 23, 2012

Match of the Year 2012

So, posting this up to hear from all of you out there to see what you dug and what we and others should be seeking out from 2012.  Awhile back I whipped up a very quick and dirty list which I haven't altered (much) but I need to get caught up on some of the last quarter stuff (especially from Mexico as I'm currently almost caught up with Japan and American indy).  So please share your lists in the comments, feedback on mine, etc. let's discuss!

Brian's current list:

Okada v. Tanahashi, Lesnar v. Cena, Akiyama v. Omori, Generico v. Steen - Ladder, Callihan v. Younger - Iron Man, Elgin v. Richards, Okada v. Naito, Bucks v. Super Smash Bros. v. Future Shock - Ladder, Morishima v. Shiozaki, Punk v. Bryan (Over the Limit), Generico/Pac/Yoshino vs. Super Dragon/Steen/Tozawa, Daniels v. AJ, Regal v. Moxley, Kingston v. Del Rey, Casas v. Panther, Low Ki v. Jigsaw, Cole v. O'Reilly, Tommy Rich v. Corino, Callihan v. Finlay, 2 Cold v. Walker, Blue Panther/Atlantis/Solar v. Ultimo Guerrero/Felino/Negro Navarro, The Shield vs. Team Hell No/Ryback - TLC Match, Vader v. Necro Butcher, Big Show v. Sheamus (HitC)

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