Monday, December 10, 2012

Kazarian vs. James Storm

Kazarian vs. James Storm - TNA Final Resolution 2012 - 4


Unannounced and unadvertised just like your sister's last pregnancy -- natch!  Storm's' Thesz Press makes me yearn for Trish Stratus'.  You all remember the Air Canada, right?  Anyway.  If Kazarian was still in WWE he'd have been perfect for 3MB.  James would have been good casting for one of the hillbilly muscle in the crappy remake of Stray Dogs.  That would have looked good on his resume next to his 2 years as sales clerk at tractor supply store and 10+ as con-man in Orlando.  Kaz sold the Closing Time double knee facebreaker by jumping 5 ft. in the air and landing square on his ass like a grade school runt in a bouncy house.  That was marvelously obtuse.  I dug Storm sliding out of the devastating Fade to Black to pull off a rapid Last Call superkick.  Watched the PPV in HD and this was a great way to kick of their last pay-per-view of this calendar year.

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