Thursday, October 4, 2012

Umaga vs. Jeff Hardy

Umaga vs. Jeff Hardy - WWE Raw 5/19/08 - 5

Raw was broadcast from Kansas City that night and this match was as sweet as the BBQ sauce made famous in the city.  Most people remember their cage match but while shorter (and minus a truly satisfying ending) this has even more dramaturgy.  Jeff will rally off 4-5 punches to nil effect and Umaga will throw one beastly strike that'll take Hardy off his feet.  Delicious visual moment outside the ring where Jeff narrowly escapes a charging Umaga who crashes into the steel ring steps.  While there was no clear victor the ending bump more than made up for it with Umaga catching a flying Jeff who leapt off the barricade and destroying him with a wild swinging side slam on the ground that saw Jeff bounce off the floor.

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