Monday, February 6, 2012

Stampede Wrestling - 10/31/86

1) Vladimir Krupov v. Kahn Kavedis- 3
Two smaller guys in the "Mid Weight Division" and it was pretty quick paced. Kind of fun though, no real emotion put forth but lots of good moves back and forth and was really fun for 4 minutes

2) Ted Arcidi v. Brad Foster - 1
Old Teddy here was so built, he looked like he ingested steriods with breakfast every morning. Dude was more green than She Hulk's labia. post match promo where Makanh held a needle in his hand, big rip on Hogan as well.

3) Bill Kazmaier & Mr. Hito v. Adolph Barbee & Cuban Assassin- 2
Man you thought PWG's announcers were reaching for humor, this is worse. In case any promotion forgot how to do cut off tag wrestling on a face, you could insert the first 6 minutes of this into a textbook. Kazmaeier looked like a young Lars Ulrich with freak muscles. This was old school tag match if you've ever seen one but they cut out the beginning and just went to the hot tag that didn't go very long. Rips on Arcidi on post match promo talking about "gimmicked weights" A wrestler cheating using a gimmick? That doesn't sound right at all.

4) Ben Bassarab v. Les Thornton - 2
They're in front of a Halloween crowd with some monkeys and Charlie Chaplins enjoying this action. This bout is clipped and came in about 9 minutes in and both guys looked just about ready to hit the showers at this point. Who's the manager fuck dressed like Hitler? It's really strange. Bassarab had a decent dropkick. Thornton is looking like Damian Meia on UFC on Fox 2, third round. Really bad selling too

5) Viet Cong Express v. Keith Hart/ Johnny Smith - 2
Keith just looks too much like an insurance salesman for me to take seriously. The Viet congs both are wearing black masks, red track pants and Asics shoes. Yeah I'll leave that one alone. First 4 minutes is spent all on the ground with some really loose leglocks. Wow, it took Keith like 3 diff. moves just to transition out of a sunset flip; dead fish selling, this guy blows. Never seen two guys miss a whip in to each other spot; decent near fall at the end or "skullduggery" as the announcer called it.

6) Makanah Singh v. Owen Hart - 3
Besides Bassarab earlier, these two guys are the only people really selling stuff and making it seem real. Real refreshing to see Owen busting out those suicide dropkicks and splashes here. Security must be shittier here than at the old Real Deal shows where as fans, you were practically in the match, as a guy in bowler's cap and a Jimmy Carter mask beat up Owen then casually got back in his seat.

I thought the show would be much better honestly, most everything was shortened for TV, some good moves but the fluidity of the matches was terrible

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Anonymous said...

If it wasn't for the internet love for the Harts, everybody would've realized a long time ago that the Stampede promotion was mostly shit.