Friday, February 3, 2012

AAA TripleMania 11

1. Esther Moreno, Mascara Sagrada Jr., Mascarita Sagrada, & May Flowers vs. Poly Star, Picudo, Mini Abismo Negro, & Polvo de Estrellas- 2
This felt like watching a David Lynch film. The typical man/woman/tranny/mini formula and it's just all over the board. Mascara got to pull off some really good stuff though, but it felt a little stacked against him, as no one was giving him much offense, kind of selfish work there.

2. Four Corners Match: Chessman & Tiffany vs. El Brazo & Martha Villalobos vs. Gran & Faby Apache vs. Electroshock & Lady Apache (Elimination Match)- 3
This match just flew by, like when i watched the Lost finale. The Apaches looked like a Mexican Culture Club cover band. I was impressed with Chessman and his ability to keep everything moving, and the finale with Brazo and Tiffany lacked punch but told a good story. God damn Chessman looked like Sasquatch from the old Tenacious D show.

4. Juventud Guerrera & Mr. Aguila vs. Raymon & Zorro- 3
Aguila after his WWE run just looks like an opium addicted pirate and his work is lazier than TV executives these days when scheduling 100 reality shows on their channel. Juvi was real busy here, either posing or ripping jeff hardy moves. Their opposition was pretty lackluster too and the beatdown with kendo sticks felt like a court appointed punishment in Thailand.

5. Four Way Hair vs. Hair Match: Pirata Morgan vs. El Texano vs. Sangre Chicana vs. Heavy Metal- 5
I could get a graspe on these rules about as well as trying to fish that gooey white stuff out of the egg batter. This was basically a 3 on 1 handicap against Heavy who did get to bust out a little matwork early on. He was a good fiery babyface in the fact that the crowd was into it; esp. when his proud papa Pepe Casas got in and worked the heels over in a really fun spot. There was a lot of interference from a bunch of announcers and managers that I really didn't care about and Metal won with a neat rolling magistral i haven't seen before.

6. Abismo Nego, Cibernetico, & The Headhunters vs. Lizmark Jr, La Parka II, Octagon, & Super Calo- 3
This was a chaotic mess and not necessarily in a good way. Parka had one of the most spectacular entrances I've seen; a full piece zombie backups and Michael Jackson impersonator doing "Thriller." as Parka came out dressed as King Tut. Abismo was a complete firebug in this, just walking around scorching Octagon's face repeatedly while not selling a damn thing. Calo tooks some good bumps and did a front flip into the crowd. A DQ finish really took something out of this too but the brawl never ended; the angle was damn hot but the match quality was bottom barrel dying days WCW shit.

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