Thursday, November 10, 2011

WWC Anniversario 1985

1) Sheephearders v. Invader 1/ Invader 3 (Double Barb Wire Match)- 5
What's weird about the Sheephearders is this is a much younger version of them from their time in WWF and they look just as old. I've never seen a barb wire match set up like this; the ropes were wrapped in it then there was an extra fence built up behind the ropes so there was no escape. Pace and flow was really basic; heels then face then heels but this is true Puerto Rico because I'm not sure if I've ever seen this match blood in a tag team match. It was so gruesome I felt chunks in my throat staring at the Sheephearder's faces. There wasn't really any spots per se but I found myself thinking I would def. rewatch this as all 4 men just took turns pounding each other, was a slow start but picked up in intensity.

2) Abdullah the Butcher v. Carlos Colon- 4
I couldn't figure out for the life of me who was coming out to some strange country song so was a little shocked when Colon hopped in and laid a beatdown on Abby. This match basically was just like the last one except no wire and not as much blood. Was really cool seeing Abby ultra aggressive and actually quick; he was jabbing Carlos in the throat with chops like he's quick to fire someone stealing free ribs at his restaurant.

3) Kamala v. Jimmy Valiant- 1
This was over faster than the eventual heart attack that will do Jimmy in. Valiant found a 3 layered Cream pie at ringside, which is as bewildering as Ruth Madoff's account she knew nothing about her husband's "Ponzie scheme." I've seen a couple Texas matches were Kamala comes off as a threat but amidst Valiant's juke and jive routine he's about as scary as a Pugle playbiting you. I've had laughs that lasted longer than this match

4) Road Warriors v. Fabulous Ones - 2
Really not sure who's booking this but it ends up in a random brawl to the back; this is one of the worst finishes i've seen where both parties involved are trying to be protected. Not like they gave anyone their money's worth before the shit ending either. Keirn actually scored some big throws on Animal in a surprising moment but it was just formula until the end.

5) Ric Flair v. Hercules Ayala- 4
Maybe one of Flair's strangest Title opponents over the last 30 years, Ayala has a Nelson Mandela type hair style and a paunchy body but he's into his performance. Most of this is rest holds but when you use that much of them in a match, there's a style to it and these guys work it well. Ayala's punches look like Junkyard Dog getting into an Xbox performance of "Edge of Glory" playing Just Sing. Flair is way more subdued than normal and isn't giving Herc many of his signature bumps to help this get over. We've seen this finish 100 times and it's designed to make it seem like Flair sort of cheated to beat Herc but more makes him look daft and buffoonic.

6) Dory Funk jr v. Sweet Brown Sugar- 5
Not sure why this was on last but it smoked like a brisquet where the World Title match just burned too long. Sugar can fly, dropkicks are higher than Joe Rogan before boarding an international flight. Real interesting use of Dory as he's here to get Sugar over but you can tell from the way this is structured he's not making himself look bad doing it and he succeeds on both ends. The mat wrestling is fine, good even and Dory stalls to where it doesn't annoy me like most. Some running buddies come in but keep the interference to a minimum and this surprinsingly closes out the show on a good note.

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