Saturday, November 12, 2011

JAPW Counterstrike 08/22/03

1) Corvis Fear v. Eddie Thomas- 0
2) Nick Berk v. Ruckus- 3
3) Monsta Mack v. Deranged- 4
4) Azrieal v. Grim Reefer- 2
5) April Hunter v. Ariel- 2
6) Dirty Rotten Scoundrels v. Shaolin Wrecking Crew (No DQ)- 3
7) Crazy Ivan v. Jay Lethal- 3
8) Sylk Wagner Brown v. Dixie- 3
9) Azrieal v. Nick Berk v. Monsta Mack- n/a
10) Al Snow v. Mafia- 4

So i tried once before to post my thoughts to this review but Blogspot was being a whiny baby and wouldn't save them. So going to shorthand this one. Overall this was a terrible show, the worst I've seen thus far from a company I've grown to like and actively wanting to know more about their history. One glaring issue throughout; over and over again most every match on this show featured some scrawny beanpole dude in basketball shorts and a bandana. It got a little old. 1st four matches were supposed to be part of a Light Heavyweight tourney (what Mack was doing in it, god only knows) None of it was good save for Mack's David v. Goliath epic he was trying to spin and while some of it was hard to stomach, i liked the work involved. Opener was nothing, a bad angle; Ruckus broke out every gymnastics routine he could think of on completely vanilla Berk who looked like Chris Masters 2 months off the juice wearing what I can only describe as something Grimace wiped his ass with. Azrieal is a homegrown star; like the hydroponics he grows. His match was a collection of insults to wrestling.

The ladies match also really stank, like Tom Green's soul. Hunter has some talent but Ariel looked atrocious; at one point outside she turned around and tossed her feet backwards at Hunter, getting in position for Rey's bulldog spot but it looked more like she was either about to receive anal sex or pretending she was Garfield. Our tag bout was a mess of epic proportions, like Health care in this country. Scoundrelz are what they say they are; two greasy dudes using all the cheap heat you can think of. the Crew was massively obese Samoan dudes who looked like they were dressed by HR Pufnstuf. The finish to that was a laugh riot; tried to do a partner attacks partner spot but one of the Crew was so gassed he was barely trotting around the ring to hit his mark; then I saw the 2nd Danny Maff swerve in 2 JAPW shows; tell me he didn't look up to Russo.

Poor Jay; had probably only been in the business a year and he was carrying this schlep to a barely passable match. Ivan blew dick harder than Paris Hilton looking for a new reality show. Punches that made a kangaroo seem like a championship boxer and the timing of John Edwards. I kind of like Slyk, he's a big dude with no coordination who likes to come off the top rope; Dixie looked like a remora attached to a Tiger shark fighting Slyk. Match wasn't bad though. The 3 way at the end kept cutting out on me, I know there was a crowd brawl and interference, go figure.

Main event was a hallmark to Al's old ECW bouts, took a sloppy table bump at one point, more gang style attacks and all his traditional spots (didn't recognize some of them) Mafia sells a punch like no ones business too and the finish was relatively clean and stiff. Wasnt overwraught with problems like most of this show.

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The timing of John Edwards? DAMN.