Sunday, September 19, 2010

"B@M!" A Tribute to JC Bailey

Went and saw this bad boy live with former NHO team memeber Adam.
Length of show: 7:30pm-11pm
Venue: Salvation Army Gym, Indianapolis, IN

-Six Man Mayhem Match: Tarek The Legend vs Jake Crist, American Kickboxer 2, Dave Crist, Hyzaya and Bobby Black - 5

A pretty fun match. Spotty, but the choreography of the spots didn't seem as rehearsed and rehashed as most of the Crist's matches are. Tarek looked really good here keeping the pace for the younger guys. It was plain as day to see that he was the guy controlling the match. His sick brainbuster on Bobby Black was a great fin

-Singles Match: Simon Sezz vs Max Mizery - 3

Not a particularly strong match, but really emotional. Simon Sezz is actually JC's brother and it was plain as day to see that he was having a really hard time staying focused. His offense was good and his vocal selling was top notch stuff, but there was hardly any flow to the match.

Singles Match: Vito Thomaselli vs Joseph Schwartz - 2

Schwartz was doing the regular Jew-y schtick that he's made me so accustomed to. Nothing noteworthy to mention.

-Tag Team Match: Mickie Knuckles & Brandon Prophet over Diablo & Jason Pennington - 2

Prophet kept trying to bring gimmicks into the match which led Mickie to get pissed off at him. This seemed to be the second goofy match of the night. Nobody gave a shit about their two opponents -- they barely got any reaction at all when they came out, which was kind of awkward. Brain Damage came out and beat the fuck out of Prophet which was very fun to watch and very bloody.

-Singles Match: Sami Callihan vs Toby Klein - 4

Toby looked better here than he has in years. He showed very little signs of ring rust. Sami was as crazy and intense as ever. Sami was bumping around more than the the kids with ADHD in the audience. Sami's screams and grimaces while both on offense and selling are so fun to watch. I love this dude. Surprisingly good matchup featuring some fun offense by both guys.

-Singles Match: American Kickboxer vs Apollo Starr - 3

Kickboxer can still go, which was really cool to see. Starr looked okay, but not very memorable of a performance on his part. I saw him at CZW and he looked a lot better there, so I know he can perform to a higher caliber. I dig his heel persona. KB hit some nice kicks and controlled most of the match. KB looked to be in good shape considering all he's been through, and his energy in the match and ability to get the crowd riled up was a nice sight.

-Singles Match: Simon Sezz vs Ian Rotten - 5

Sezz came back to take Devon Moore's spot because more had an infection, but came anyway to be the ref. Both guys brawled on the outside near the bleachers. Ian took a sick motherfucking suplex onto the bleachers, followed by Sezz dropping the leg right on his face on the bleachers! I dig Simon -- to go all out twice in one night really speaks to his character.

-Three Way Match: Bull Pain vs Dave Davidson and Jesse Owens - 2

Bull Pain beat the fuck out of two younger guys. Surprised? Both guys took a hell of a beating.

-Singles Match: Spyder Nate Webb vs Clifton Crunk - 2

Nate definitely showed ringrust He can hardly go five minutes without blowing up in the ring. Hey, at least he tried and showed up -- that's the important thing about tonight.

-Singles Match: Jon Moxley vs Danny Havoc - 6

Oh hell yes. Havoc took a great beating, including Mox's finisher onto an open Wet Floor sign~! Havoc looked awesome and Mox paced the match with armwork. Havoc is becoming a better hybrid wrestler every day. Really fun back and forth. Like the Sezz/Rotten match and the main event, it's really awesome to see guys take particularly sick moves for free to benefit a deceased fellow wrestler.

-TLC Match: Scotty Vortekz vs Drake Younger - 7

Both of these guys absolutely destroyed the ever living shit out of each other. Scotty dropped the double knees onto Drake, laying on a ladder. Drake put Scotty through a table that looked like it hurt like hell. Both of these guys went all out for their friend JC. I really love both of these guys and to give their bodies like they did was very commendable.

Overall, a good night. In total, about $2,300 was raised to get JC a headstone. Emotions ran high, and everyone stepped up their game to perform one last time for in memory of JC Bailey.

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