Thursday, September 16, 2010

Beer Money v. Motor City Machine Guns: Best Series Ever?

There are some things you will always like, no matter what changes in your life, age, habits, marital status, Donald v. Daffy, Cincinnati Bow Tie v. Chicago Chili dog position, doesn't matter, and one of those things (besides still loving Cheesy Pringles) is tag wrestling. Unfortunately we don't see it any more. So when the guys were pimping this tag series to me as probably TNA's greatest brainchild (What, did we forget about Cheex?) I had to see it; so why not share my experience with the blog readers as I watch this series for the first time.

1) Beer Money v. Motor City Machineguns (TNA Victory Road, 07/11/10, Tag Titles)- 6
This was a nice introduction to what i'm hoping is a varied series, saw a lot of hesitation and unfamiliarity in the beginning of the match,guys just generally not really knowing what they wanted to do. You have to enjoy the Guns; you would think "this is some atypical Rockers of the 90's" and while they are to a degree, they have this really cool tag style of like X Games guys doing BMX stunt shows where one plays off the other to pull off a double team. Sabin's hot streak in the middle made me remember why I used to pull for him back when the X Division carried the Jarrett bank account on it's back; the sick DDT sell by Roode and the soccer punt on Storm were both righteous. Roode is one of the most obvious guys when being set up for something, it's as telling as Jessica Simpson would be in a No Limit Texas Hold 'em game when getting a good hand. Wasn't a big fan of the restart, felt like this match was really building up well to some cool nearfalls to end if off with but then had to regain that momentum, but the Guns winning the belts after so long was a nice piece of nostalgia.

2) Beer Money v. Motor City Machine Guns (Ladder Match, TNA Impact 07/15/10)- 7
Wow this was even better and nearly half as short, everything looked like it hurt a lot more and even though ladder matches have stigmas of just being car crashes with no story or selling, they loaded all 3 into this tight little package. I applaud Roode as when he was supposed to lay out for a spot, he actually laid in the ring and sold his injuries instead of waiting on deck like he's 3rd in rotation for the Cubs. Roode and Storm also were selling the exact places the ladders would strike them, instead of just rolling under the ring for a breather or some nose candy real quick. Tons of awesome spots and loved the momentum where Shelly double stomped Roode then just rolled through Storm on the outside.

3) Beer Money v. Motor City Machineguns (Street Fight, TNA Impact 07/22/10)- 5
Some things I noticed that keep coming up, awesome double teams by the Guns and they keep it varied, always playing off each other like circus performers or something, their whole style is like aggressive Parkour it's fun to watch,but just as the Attitude era guys had their crutch, endless punching, it seems these two teams have kicks by the boatload. At least they all mostly look good. And another ref bump, shit there were 2 here! Loved Roode's spots with the chair outside but apart from having the same finish as last week this wasn't as well done, even though you can tell a fluidity developing every match from both teams.

4) Beer Money v. Motor City Machineguns (Steel Cage Match, TNA Impact 07/29/10)- 6
Roode just lacerates his head open but then doesn't tag in? what a waste of drama. Storm has this nasty uppercut that Shelly sells every time and makes it worth more than Dixie Carter's stock portfolio. Sweet ass Mich Pro circa '94 top rope hurricanrana by Shelly that brought me back to VHS marathons in Brian's old room with homemade crab pizza and sodas. Beer Money takes control and I think a lot of credit goes to the endless tag programs both of them were mired in during TNA's first few years, it's helped them tremendously pace out these really great tag battles. Here's your top of the cage dive we see every cage match now; if Sabin's going to risk his body at least make it look good, Beer Money tighted up like a clam and turned their backs to him, how shitty. Good play off the last 2 matches with the finish though.

5) Beer Money v. Motor City Machineguns (Ultimate X Match, TNA Impact 08/05/10)- 7
Money has come up with some really cool ways to throw these smaller guys around and they take bumps better than most which makes for a fun formula. Sabin's running dropkick is always a crowd pleaser; Roode is really selling his ass off and I'm damn impressed with him during this series. so Roode sells like Val and bleeds like Valentine, works for me. Beer Money playing up how uncomfortable they are climbing these cables and it works for the match also because they chose to pick the pace of this match. Yikes, crazy Sliced bread on the apron, Storm is killing himself with bumps here. I had reservations about this match but it worked really well, by this time I'm hyped for the final match.

6) Beer Money v. Motor City Machineguns (2/3 Falls, TNA Impact 08/12/10)- 8
This was exactly what I was hoping for; a culmination of all the matches they had already done. The 1st fall alone was an awesome match, the pace they kept, each guy hitting signature move, each guy selling was on, some devastating kicks, awesome dive spot and the finish was legit, what else could you ask for? The 2nd was quick but the 3rd fall just made the crowd beg for more, awesome job. I loved all the near falls in the last few minutes, exactly what tag wrestling is all about. Sabin's face told the story, so many crazy double team moves invovled I don't know how anyone could keep track but at no point did this feel overdone or stretched out. That was a great thing about this series; no match was very long but you pace each match by the style you're keeping and story your'e telling and they did it all very well. Best series ever? I'll stick with Lost but this was damn good.

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