Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Pro Wrestling USA- 01/05/1985

1) Tom Zenk v. The Masked Superstar- 2
2) Jerry Bundy v. Kamala- 3
3) Masked Invader v. Jimmy Valiant- 2
4) Eddie Sullivan/ Zulu v. Fabulous Ones- 2
5) Dennis Stann/ Billy Robinson v. Baron Von Raschke/ Jerry Blackwell- 3
6) Rick Martel v. Jimmy Garvin (AWA Title)- 4

Our opener was typical jobber fare, Zenk didn't show much at all except a little boy's haircut and clumsy selling. Superstar gave a nice downed boot but I doubt anyone of quality was behind the mask.

Bundy looked like your local Waffle House cook, complete with greasy moustache, but he sold death like it was coming fast and hard for him. Kamala was a lot more offensive minded than usual, finishing each chop and kick instead of just flailing his arms out like thwarting off a swarm of bees. It wasn't long but effective in getting over Kamala as an ass beater.

Our 3rd match takes place in a different arena, seemingly in a different time and universe. Valiant strolls in the ring as if an iPod is plugged into his soul, juking and jiving all over the ring while completing his offense. It was one of the damndest things I've seen in a wrestling match. He never stopped his rhythm, he beat Masked Jerkoff to the beat of a song, finishing with a strong elbowdrop then beboped back out into the crowd.

First tag match of the show and the Fabulous boys were cheered loudly and proudly. Liked the snap on Lane's headlock takedowns right from rip. Keirn sold a few moves from the opposition but then just ended it while the heels were still working their control section. What a shitty way to end the match, complete lack of storytelling by Keirn there. Also, i hope this doesn't sound prejudice, but how many dudes named Zulu do you know that look like Louie Anderson?

Our next tag features the outstanding Billy Robinson, but I hardly recognized him because he must have entered a Harley Race look-alike contest, complete with whole face beard and moustache combo and large beer gut. He can still move though and I love his vaunted punches. Baron is just a walking corpse here, astounding that he's still alive 25 years later. Blackwell is usually quite stiff but couldn't do much with Robinson's style. Stann was there as the Star Trek ensign, to take the fall.

Our main event is a World Title match and both guys had cemented their particular roles here, Garvin was fussing and tassling his hair, while stalling at all possible opportunities, and Martel was a fiery babyface. He actually broke out a hurricanra within the first few minutes. I liked both guys punches too, Martel's were over the top good guy style but Garvin sold them well, and his short jabs were perfect heel compliments. Finish was too muddled for my taste, esp, with a heel Dusty fin with the belt, it left this match feeling less than it's potential, but the sum of the parts just didn't add up to a wholly satisfying experience, sort of like the Kill Bill films.

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