Friday, January 1, 2010

NHO Hall of Fame '10 Class: Inductee #1

My first choice for our new monthly HOF inductions is a man I've long admired for his many attributes and skills during his storied career. He's a guy I always assumed would go in at one point or another so I guess i've overlooked him in the past but I think to start off our newly condensed version of the members of our honorary and esteemed placard in history, I needed someone big, someone commanding of respect and a fitting represenative to gain access to this most revered place and I believe Arn is that man.

From those deadly serious promos to the legendary arm work and scare heel tactics to epic Horsemen beatdowns and tag encounters, to strange alliances, to blood soaked feuds, Arn has done it all.....well except win a World Title, but why should he suffer for the crimes and sins of stupid promoters and bookers? Congrats, AA, you've earned it.

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