Thursday, August 6, 2009

WWF Shotgun - 5/15/99

WWF Shotgun was a show that lasted from 1997 to the latter part of 1999. The initial episodes were shot in night clubs and the like until they decided to start shooting it before Raw and fill it with low-key matches and squashes. A lot of the matches on these shows weren't particularly great and didn't have a lot of meat on the bones, per se, which doesn't leav much to talk about. This particular episode is from 1999. It's the week before the Over the Edge pay-per-view and smack in the middle of the Attitude era ... are you ready?

1) Too Much vs. D-Lo Brown & Mark Henry – 3
2) The Hardy Boyz vs. Hack Myers & Chris Nelson – 3
3) The Blue Meanie vs. The Godfather – 2
4) Edge vs. Jeff Jarrett – 4

Your commentators on this show are Kevin Kelly and Terry Taylor. Henry looked awful, probably the worst he’s ever looked. Plus, why was he wrestling in a warm-up outfit? Too Much spent the majority of the match laughing like hyenas. Taylor even called them out at one point asking why they dance and goof off after hitting a big move instead of going for a cover? Good question Terry. D-Lo and Henry won the bout to build them up for their tag title match at the now-infamous Over the Edge pay-per-view. The Hardys were young and spry here but got stuck working with Myers, formerly of ECW, and Nelson, a rather flabby jobber. Myers looked as if he’d dropped a substantial amount of weight since his ECW days. Hardys looked crisp, and showed glimpses of their future potential. As JR would put it, they “weren’t getting paid by the hour”, and got finished with their opponents in less than five minutes. Meanie and Godfather was shit. Goldust comes down before the match starts and starts messing with Godfather’s girls, causing Godfather to quick dispose of Meanie and save his merchandise. Edge and Jarrett had a fun match to cap off the show. It gets a bonus point for being the best match on the show. It’s weird seeing Edge in the Brood gimmick as he’s come a long way since then. Overall, the matches were pretty basic, as is the standard for shows of this level but this served mainly as a hype show for the pay-per-view.

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Jessie said...

this ep sounds familiar, possibly something from brian's library....god that announce team was awful