Thursday, July 30, 2009

Yuu Yamagata & Apple Miyuki vs. KAORU & Caribbean Rum (Dom Perignon Ladder Match) (Hardcore Girls – 5/4/08) – 4

(NOTE: I was planning on reviewing this match as part of an all-Joshi edition of the Cinnamon Toast Punch series. However, since that's taking longer than expected to finish up, I figured I would go ahead and post this match. Plus, I wanted to get one more post up before the end of the month.)

This sounded interesting so that’s why I downloaded it. The objective here is to climb a ladder and grab the bottle of Dom Perignon that is hanging above in a plastic shopping bag. Caribbean Rum looks as if she could either the sister of Joker or a helpful understudy of the next round of baddies in the “Pirates of the Caribbean” franchise. I’m not sure what the announcers are talking about, since I don’t speak Japanese, but one would assume they’re talking about how the winners will get severely toasted. Nobody is throwing hard strikes and the match moves from one ladder spot to the other. Miyuki took a nasty bump off a ladder onto KAORU and Yamagata, who where fighting on the floor. That was pretty ill. Miyuki climbed the ladder once again but this time Rum grabbed a giant pole and moved the bottle away from the ring so no one could get to it. Umm … that doesn’t make too much sense. Then, after seeing that her idea wasn’t too bright, she sets up a ladder over the ropes and tries to get the bottle but is thrown off and breaks said pole. Oh, great. Now where do we go from here? Well, how about a ridiculously tall scaffold? Yeah, that’ll work. So then they spend time battling on the scaffold. KAORU and Rum get thrown into the ring and then Yamagata does a plancha off the scaffold onto KAORU and Rum. Eventually, Miyuki and Yamagata get the bottle off the hook to win the match and I was still questioning the legitamacy of it. This really felt like watching Japanese Russo.

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