Tuesday, July 21, 2009

TAKA Michinoku vs. Great Sasuke - (6/9/09) - 7

K-DOJO "CLUB-K SUPER take", 09.06.2009 (GAORA TV)
Tokyo Korakuen Hall
Champion of STRONGEST-K Title: TAKA Michinoku © vs Great Sasuke

It's amazing, these guys have been doing this together for years, and yet, can still put on interesting and exciting matches. Here, they're in-front of a measly 830 fans, yet they still bring it. Off the bat, I notice each guy has more scars than the old days, Sasuke has ventured into the occasional death match, but TAKA looks like he's let leeches suck all over his areolas and stomach. The first section is a lot more ground-based than their wars from yesteryear but provides some neat moments. TAKA's selling is kind of inconsistent in a leg hold but they pick it back up with dueling figure fours, at one point Sasuke shakes his fist at TAKA like an angry grandfather protecting his lawn. The first time it spills to the floor Sasuke goes for an Asai moonsault off the apron, but TAKA yanks him down, goes for one of his own, but is also pulled down unceremoniously in a nice nod. Sasuke does his amazing spot where he does a dropkick from inside the ring through the ropes to the floor and suddenly it's '97 and I'm watching my favorite workers from my high school days all over again. Sasuke does a "Buff Blockbluster", eat your heart out, Marcus! TAKA sells a back elbow like he has brain freeze. I cringe as Sasuke does a swanton off the top to the ring apron but TAKA dodges and he eats the stiff edge of the ring. Sasuke hits a rolling senton and lands squarely on Michinoku's gut--he probably had second-thoughts about that afternoon's bento box. TAKA socks Sasuke in the face like a guy coming home only to find out his dog took his last condom. Sasuke does a huge somersault to the floor on TAKA and a bunch of the K-DOJO dojo boys topple over like bowling pens. Wait a damn minute, no, he just didn't? Sasuke does the fucking "Ram Jam"! Now this shit is officially transcendent! TAKA sells an enzuguri like a banker doing a spit take when asked if he'd give a business loan to someone wanting to start a dildo museum. TAKA does a sick spingboard moonsault to the floor and a patron in the front row acts like he's suffering a heart attack. An awesome series of three stiff, cracking kicks to Sasuke's head leads to a fantastic nearfall. TAKA hoists him up for the "Michinoku Driver #2" and its over. They may not be the performers they once were, but, can still craft a damn good story and make us have a lot of fun in watching it.

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Jessie said...

man we used to live off of their work back in high school days....this sounds like it deserves some close attention