Sunday, May 10, 2009

ROH on HDNet 5/9/09

1. Delirious and Daizee Haze vs. Jimmy Jacobs and MsChif - 3

The opener was pretty perfunctory, the heat was on Jacobs and Delirious, but their sections were short-lived and relatively uneventful. Haze, who usually looks bad, was the best thing going here, there was some nice armwork and reversals, plus she's not afraid to break out an old-fashioned heart punch which makes me heart sing. MsChif looked like a kid bored in study hall during one rope sequence, but I'll give her the benefit of the doubt as I know she's better than that.

2. American Wolves vs. Orange Cassidy and Leslie Butterscotch - 2

The Wolves match was just a devastating squash, easily one of the more nasty squashes I've seen in arguably a couple years. I dig the new trunks, too; remind me of old school British Bulldogs gear. Orange Cassidy was the recipient of most of the damage, you felt for the chump, as in high-definition you could see his chest was completely chopped and kick into hamburger meat. A good squash and Mike Hogwood's disbelief on commentary was amusing.

3. Bryan Danielson vs. Tyler Black - 6

The main event was really good, I liked its build a touch better than their time-limit draw two weeks ago, but, the finish docked it some points. Danielson was in control for the bulk of it, really working methodical submission-based stuff, especially on Tyler's leg. Tyler's comeback was well done, too; you could see his confidence building in his body language which is important. Black powerbombed Bryan into the turnbuckles for a whiplashing good time. The finish saw Black on the top turnbuckle, but Danielson knocked him off and Tyler soared all the way over the guardrail into the crowd. Then, Bryan climbed up and did a wild crossbody all the way out onto Black in the crowd. They battled, trying to beat the count, which was cool as Danielson's facial stuff here was great, as was Black unceremoniously jerking Bryan back violently into the guardrail. But, the referee got to 20 rendering this a double-countout and a less than satisfying finish to what was shaping up to be another awesome entry in these guys' excellent series.

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