Monday, November 17, 2008

WCW Clash of the Champions XXXII (32)

1) Public Enemy v. Nasty Boys- 2
2) Dean Malenko v. Alex Wright- 4
3) Brian Pillman v. Eddie Guerrero- 1
4) Sting/ Lex Luger v. The Blue Bloods- 4
5) Konnan v. Psychosis- 4
6) Ric Flair/ The Giant v. Randy Savage/ Hulk Hogan- 3

The Good:
"Mean" Gene hosting the festivities as Col. Robert Parker & Sister Sherri tie the knot at the Little White Chapel in scenic Las Vegas, NV........Sags wild haymakers......Malenko's bad ass beard....Dean's finish of hitting a dropkick to Alex's ankle then doing a quick rollover for the win.....Heenan getting pissed at Pillman and cursing live on the air, saying "Get the fuck off of me," as Pillman tried to tear his red sports coat off.....Sullivan kicking Elvis douch really hard......Paul Orndorff segment, talking about how the Horsemen aren't men because they jumped him from behind, then showing the spiked piledriver on the concrete, great stuff, don't think it amounted to anything though......Regal being just frickin' awesome here, with over the top intimidated facials and awesome controlling of faces......Eaton still getting bumpy even though it looked uglier than Katie Holmes new hairdo with the backdrop in the aisleway.....Sting being awesome at face comebacks and in really good shape, can still throw a good dropkick.....Psychosis' crazy bumps....Madusa showing up at wedding and bitch-fighting Sherri....Dick Slater with a tear in his eye.....Booker T caught laughing his ass off during the end of the wedding...crazy Pillman interview, talking about cutting people's thumbs off so they permanently do the Horsemen sign......Savage has good punches......Elizabeth returns with new dye job and prominently displayed boobs

The Bad:
sloppy brawling opener with weak finish.....Rocco Rock's poor attempt at being a highflyer......botched table spot afterwards.....Slater & Bunkhouse Buck coming to a wedding dressed like "Bonanza" cast members....really cheesy Luger promo not wanting to fight the Road Warriors....Eric Bischoff complete lack of personality during interviews......Pillman screwing around for 10 minutes and denying us what could have been a great match with Eddie....plugging Compuserve chats all night long, then showing us you could only talk to Jimmy Hart.....Elvis singing telegram from Disco Inferno to Taskmaster.......more wedding nonsense, incl. Robert Parker gambling all his money away and Sherri acting like she's in a Lifetime movie, "you never told me you had a gambling problem,"......Luger's really shitty professionalism and horrible selling and being in the ring most of this match.....Eaton not being capable of holding a match together, decaying of a legend before our eyes......."Mean" Gene giving away Sherri while commentating at the same time, what a lovely occasion......Konnan basically squashing Psych, a good squash but a waste of a man's talents.....Giant's severe shade of green.....Flair being desocrated before our eyes, relegated to Savage and Hogan's play thing.....Hogan's 2 minutes of work....Kevin Green being involved, with a flowing mane that Fabio would be jealous of.....huge run-in at end of match where Hogan and Savage fight off 6 guys

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