Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Audio Review: WWE Survivor Series '08

Click here to listen to our audio review of this past weekend’s big WWE pay-per-view Survivor Series ’08! After viewing the show at Hooter’s we immediately busted out the audio recorder on the drive home and gave our uncouth and uncontrollable thoughts. Here us discuss the return of Cena, Kozlov’s need for more seasoning, Edge’s new beard, a rare lousy Undertaker match, our waitress looking like Pam Beasley of The Office but with unbelievable tits, people falling from Cobo Hall, extra saucy shrimp, how astoundingly good Randy Orton is, the return of the DDT, and much more. It’s a raucous and wild time in our most outrageous audio review yet!


Anonymous said...

Great review:)

Jessie said...

thanks- i'm still hurting from that teriyaki shrimp (thanks brian) and big show's lazy work....JOHN CENA 4-LIFE!