Saturday, October 11, 2008

WWF In Your House #4: Great White North - October 1995

1) Hunter Hearst Helmsley vs. Fatu - 6
2) The Smoking Gunns vs. Razor Ramon & The 1-2-3 Kid - 5
3) Marty Jannetty vs. Goldust - 4
4) Razor Ramon vs. Dean Douglas - 4
5) Diesel vs. The British Bulldog - 5

First off, I have to mention that this is the WWE 24/7 version of the show, in which they've mysteriously omitted the Mabel/Yokozuna match. Helmsley was bouncing around like a loose tire at the local Midas. He and Fatu kept a brisk pace and really brought it in a match that I thought would be a snoozer. Fatu's "street cred" gimmick never really did it for me. I did notice that his tights said "Just Say No" and that makes me wonder why he said "Yes" to that ridiculous gimmick. Razor and The Kid gave the Gunns a good fight but came up short in their quest for the tag titles. Bart Gunn took a frightening bump over the top rope that, in real time, was uber sick. Kid looked motivated for once and way laying some serious kicks in on the Gunns. The finish was Razor dominating and Kid getting the tag but getting immediately rolled up. This would lay the foundation for the Razor/Kid feud in early 96. Overall, a fun match.

Goldust was debuting here in an elongated but competitive squash of Jannetty, who was beginning somewhere around his third go-around with the WWF. He was bumping big for Goldie including a pretty wild-ass bump into a post. Looking back on it now, it's very interesting to see how the Goldust character evolved from the WWF's first blatantly suggestive character to nothing more that a comedy act in 2002. Douglas won the Intercontinental Title from Shawn Michaels by forfiet and then went on to subsequently lose the belt to Razor, who was pulling double-duty. Douglas was really trying to prove he could hang with the top guys but ultimately failed as he and Razor had a pretty shoddy match. The main event was touted as Bulldog's first shot at the WWF Title but I don't think that he really clicked with Diesel. He spent the majority of the match working over Diesel's knees and applied a pretty shitty sharpshooter, that even had Bret Hart musing "that's a different way to put it on". The finish was a total schmozz in which Bret brawled with Bulldog and then Diesel to put an end to a rather lackluster show.

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