Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Burning Spirit: The Best of Kenta Kobashi - Disc #2

1. Kenta Kobashi & Tsuyoshi Kikuchi vs. Jumbo Tsuruta & Akira Taue (1/26/92) – 6
2. Kenta Kobashi vs. Terry Gordy (5/21/93) – 8
3. Kenta Kobashi vs. Steve “Dr. Death” Williams (4/15/94) – 6
4. Kenta Kobashi vs. Toshiaki Kawada (1/19/95) – 10

The focus in the tag match was mainly Kikuchi and not Kobashi. Kikuchi was controlled by Jumbo and Taue for the majority of the match with submission holds and hard shots. The chops were kept to a minimum but they weren’t totally non-existent. Jumbo was just being a total prick and was bashing Kikuchi and Kobashi in the face just for fun. Every time the opposing team would go for a pinfall, Jumbo would jump in a kick them in the face. Taue executed a nice suplex on the floor on Kobashi. All four guys worked a good pace and kept the action fast and furious. I liked the finish with the numerous false finishes from big moves. The match-up with Gordy was jaw-dropping. Gordy is known as one of the baddest men to ever step foot in a wrestling ring and he definitely showed it here as he took Kobashi’s best shots and just smiled in his face. The two men matched each other move for move, chop for chop. They kept the pace up as well. The match ran under 14 minutes as was a hell of a battle. Kobashi hit a moonsault to try to put Gordy away and the look on his face after Gordy kicked out was priceless, as it was a look of astonishment and almost tears. Kobashi would hit another moonsault to get the win in a hard hitting and fantastic match. As good as the Gordy match was, that’s how much I was disappointed in the Doc match. I expected much the same thing that was presented in the Gordy match. The match had its moments and was a good contest that was more based on the ground than the hard-hitting style of Gordy. Doc and Kobashi still traded some chops but not as much as I’d like. I was toying with giving it a “5” but in the end, I settled with a “6” because the finish was nice and clean.

Behold my first-ever “10”!!! I was saving it for a match that would be so incredibly awesome that nothing else I’ve watched since I’ve been reviewing for NHO could possibly eclipse it. Well, I’ve found that match and it’s Kobashi vs. Kawada. Remember what I said about their match on the first disc being just a sampling of what they’re capable of? Good, because this match is two epic gladiators pounding it out to see who is better. Kawada controlled the first portion of the match while working Kobashi’s leg. He did so by ramming it into the canvas and by wrapping it around the barricade. Kobashi gained the upper hand when Kawada tried to kick him coming off the top and hurt his leg. Kobashi upped the ante by working over Kawada’s leg harder. There was a nice spot where Kobashi had the figure-four applied and Kawada was trying and trying to get to the ropes. Everytime Kawada would inch closer, Kobashi would pull him back and apply more pressure. At the 40 minute mark, these guys were completely gassed. As a testament to their fortitude, they pressed on for another twenty minutes with some more holds and then some chest chops. The two were trying to gain momentum when the bell rang as both men fell to the mat exhausted because they had just gone 60 minutes non-stop. Afterwards, Kawada is presented with the Triple Crown, helps Kobashi to his feet, and raises his hand in the air in a moment of class. This was a breath-taking match and one that must be seen by all.


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good review my friend. and just in the new nick of time! 10's are special and should be the true legacy of pro wrestling! not Kazarny!

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you like it here