Monday, February 25, 2008

roh chaos at the cow palace

there was nothing chaotic about roh's first tour of the west coast.. - there was maybe 300 people in the cow palace, a classic venue, one that featured many icons like pat patterson and buff bagwell.. - the audio in the venue sucked, with entrance music coming out distorted like a garage band high on paint thinner, and the lighting was too bright..

1. chris hero vs. human tornado - 1
2. roderick strong vs. claudio castagnoli - 4
3. adam pearce vs. karl anderson - 3
4. delirious vs. brent albright - 3
5. davey richards and rocky romero vs. t.j. perkins and tony kozina - 4
6. davey richards and rocky romero vs. necro butcher and jimmy jacobs - 2
7. austin aries vs. bryan danielson - 6
8. nigel mcguiness vs. jay briscoe - 4
9. bonus: alicia vs. portia perez vs. sara del ray vs. daizee haze - 1

hero and tornado had one of the shittest matches i've ever seen.. roh or otherwise.. - hero's bad gymnastics were very vomit-inducing.. especially when he fell on his chubby ass attempting a sommersault.. - tornado did a fantastic faceplant falling from the ring to the floor.. we laughed heartily.. - strong and claudio had a decent bout, but nothing stellar.. - pearce did bad indie sthick 101.. - karl anderson is apparently chad 2 bad allegra, according to mr. knowledge, and if so.. in a weird, seven levels of seperation kevin bacon way we're connected.. as we've both worked pompano joe in singles bouts before.. - albright looked like a giant schlep selling delirious's unbelievable offenese..

i liked the romeo and richards' first tag bout against the west coast boys.. - perkins looked like the american verision of noah's ogawa.. with flowing black locks and tight shorts.. - kozina looked like a clone of a mike modest/donovan morgan lovechild.. - some decent tag action, though.. - then, afterward necro and jacobs come to ringside and commence in a terrible brawl.. with a lot of plodding fighting in the crowd.. - this was jcw-level garbage.. - aries and danielson had the match i was hoping to see when i saw them perform in philadelphia a few weeks after this was filmed.. - they told a story by being physical, sans scripted promos and outragious gimmicks.. - nigel and jay didn't rock the house.. especially for a main.. so i guess next time i want to watch a good cow palace show i'll bust out my vhs bootleg of a wcw house show there and watch the finer aspects of a six-man lucha midcard match.. - dvd bonus sees a women's match that was awful.. alicia plays a mall bimbo and her large tits were an eyesore.. i'll stick to alicia mastes, thanks true believers.. - daizee haze smoking a bowl with julius smokes would have been a better extra..

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