Monday, November 19, 2007

WWE Survivor Series '07

Miz vs. CM Punk vs. John Morrison - 5

This was a fairly good, fast-paced opener that was lacking in build and storytelling, but made up for it with an up-tempo pace and the support of a lively crowd. Punk was in the corner when he delivered a brutal straight kick to Miz's face that he ate like a burger. Portions of the crowd were very hot for Punk, and he did a decent job of being a leader here, even if the majority of his offense is blatantly stolen from KENTA.

Beth Phoenix, Jillian Hall, Layla, Victoria, and Melina vs. Torrie Wilson, Mickie James, Maria, Michelle McCool and Kelly Kelly - 2

Melina botching her entrance was a real laugh, as was the majority of this eyesore of a bout. They kept it relatively short, thankfully, but it still induced some cringes. Torrie's been wrestling part-time for almost a decade and still doesn't appear to have a clue. When Mickie James entered she was full of energy and woke up the crowd. Her making out with Melina was about as appetizing as the soufflé of shit Scott Hall swapped for Sunny's room service dinner years ago.

Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch vs. Cody Rhodes and Hardcore Holly - 4

Being a regular OVW watcher, it's obvious that thus far Cody sticks largely to what he knows, thus his weapon of choice, often a side headlock. Holly delivered some mean shots, per usual, and this was moderately good for a match with little fan interest surrounding it. The story was fine, that Cody's inexperience led him to be distracted enough to get quickly pinned by Murdoch, but if I have to see Trevor attempt the "Canadian Destroyer" again I might gouge out my eyes.

Mr. Kennedy, Fit Finlay, Umaga, MVP and Big Daddy V vs. Jeff Hardy, Rey Mysterio, Kane, and Triple H - Survivor Series Match - 7

I'll say assuredly that this was one of the better traditional Survivor Series styled matches we've seen in quite a long time. I wouldn't necessarily say everybody got a chance to shine, but for the most part everyone did their part well, and they gave it a decent amount of time to build and tell a tale. I won't go into details about the particular eliminations, but suffice to say, most of them were solid and I was especially happy to see Kane eliminated first. Finlay didn't get utilized a lot until the last section, but in that time, took some quality bumps and worked hard in his role. Big Daddy V came off looking like a legit monster. I was really pleased with this.

Hornswoggle McMahon vs. Great Khali - 0

This was a festering piece of garbage that we could all see coming from miles away. At least after they got past the entire pre-match hullabaloo it was kept mercifully short. It'll birth a Finlay versus Khali feud surely, but if I have to watch anyone wrestle Khali, it may as well be one of the company's better overall workers.

Randy Orton vs. Shawn Michaels - 8

This was a phenomenal match and featured two top-notch performances. They did a lot of mat work early, more than you'll typically see on a WWE show by far, and while the crowd live may have not got into it, I thought it was fantastic. Michaels actually looked credible on the ground. Michaels busting out Bret Hart, Chris Benoit, and Kurt Angle's patented submissions was a real treat, too. Orton's selling seemed to be a bit toned down, as sometimes he borders on the absurd, although I did love his post-match facial with the glazed stare after eating "Sweet Chin Music." The psychology of the finish, where Michaels' hesitation caused him to be on the receiving end of "RKO" was brilliant.

Undertaker vs. Batista - Hell In A Cell Match - 7

This was a bloody battle, and in the context of their feud, was a great capper. Jumping to the ending, the surprise interference from Edge hurt its overall impact, but was probably a smart move booking wise. The match itself was a war, with some believable brawling throughout, nasty chair and steel ring steps shots, and a breathtaking table bump. While this isn't their best work together, it still maintained the feeling of a major match, and was a fairly unobjectionable closer to one of the more enjoyable pay-per-views of 2007.


Didge said...

althought i enjoyed the main i thought batista wasnt very crisp especially his spinebusters, but when is he ever?

Anonymous said...

I know I gasped when HBK did the Crippler Crossface, because I half expected for that move to be banned from use now.


Brian said...

I doubt we'll see him use that move very often, although, I'd like to see it tossed into his repertoire occasionally to spice things up. Maybe against Jericho at some point?

Jessie said...

you covered this show pretty well...i love the orton-michaels match, that's textbook on how to put someone over w/o losing your own heat